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24-7 Cryptocurrency News about Blockchain, Technology and much more, only from Top Leading Sources. your Gateway to the Internet of Value your Gateway to the Internet of Value is a project developed with
It's one of the safest and oldest Bitcoin exchanges in the cryptocurrency world.

Thus aims at becoming a dedicated platform for cryptocurrency trading in which it will provide users with a decentralized settlement, centralized order book, market-making, advanced trading orders and peer-to-peer lending. The idea is to offer ICON services for European institution and entrepreneurs, where cryptocurrency market traditionally had insufficient transparency and limited exchange, and once enabled could facilitate launching of ICONs.

What are the essential trading features of a project? project is a system of trust within the cryptocurrency exchange, used by individual  investors, as well as institutional traders, and this takes place without involving third-party or counterparty (Holotescu, Carmen 2018). The project is taking advantage of  “trustless” cross-chain trading protocols technology to achieve an advanced decentralized settlement with state-of-the-art low-latency cryptocurrency exchange in place.
Some of the key trading features of that distinguish it from other cryptocurrency exchanges include:

⦁    Ultra-Secure and decentralized exchange protocol
⦁    Fully Compliant and transparent transfer of a digital asset.  
⦁    Simplified and reliable infrastructure
⦁    Select Digital Currencies
⦁    ICO Execution and Token Listing

Ultra-Secure and decentralized exchange protocol uses a highly secure custody system service that has cryptographic proof of reserve and cold storage.
This implies that 98% of housed cryptocurrencies are stored offline in cold storage reserves.
The security is further enhanced by a cold wallet that is accessed by use of multiple signatures and a private key which is split, then held in several vaults in different locations. In addition, there are established internal procedures that protect e-currency exchange from militia social engineering attacks.

Usually, there are periodical time-stamped logs and audits that help in detecting any kind of system tempering within the account’s database.
Lastly, frequent financial audits assist in verifying inventory of coined asset balances for liabilities with cryptographic proof.
On the other hand, decentralization settlement enhances a fair-exchange protocol that allows atomic swaps of cryptocurrencies, which tend to eliminate counter-party risk inherent to a custodial digital asset exchange.

Fully Compliant and transparent transfer of the digital assets

This is a fundamental feature that restores integrity to the users of the trading platform, by using independent professional auditors, which ensures exhaustive accounting of digital asset records. The exchange system has done its best to comply with present EU regulations that ensure assets are not frozen or seized. This feature ensures a customer liability exactly balances with the inventory of coins within the exchange protocol system.
With this feature, fully functioning is aiming to perform balance checks at every block interval before they are published in cryptographic proof.

Simplified and reliable infrastructure

The has been made simple with minimum downtime, which is basically restricted to server maintenance, database migration or application upgrades.
The infrastructure is able to function under heavy traffic conditions and well protected from DDoS attacks.
There is no technical debt or exchanges that can quickly add new altcoins, since proper testing of system software design is usually done before its practiced implementation, thus minimizing bugs and security holes.
Due to reliable infrastructure, has become attractive for embedded special features such as API, FIX and a borrowing facility.
This set of features increases its availability and usability as a trading platform.

Select Digital Currencies    

According to Anjum et al. (2017), is likely to pass the strict vetting process and review of as a cryptocurrency trading platforms.
This is due to the fact that has a high sustainability, less technical, yet deeply engraved in deep protocol scheme.
There are going to be regular selection and publication updates that will be informative to the community and to stockholders through the alter coin reviews with specific and detailed financial growth forecasts.

Another fundamental trading feature exemplified by is the Execution of the ICO; as well as ICO token listing part of the platform that will support all aspects of token listing services and in assisting cryptocurrency entrepreneurs and technologists to plan and execute their fundraising on the trusted payment software platform as an all in one solution for ICO listing.

Lastly, will have token liquidity via:
⦁    Market inventory
⦁    Incentive program for Paymium users.

Topic: Trading Features
Author: aiasatoshi69 (at)

Anjum, Ashiq, Manu Sporny, and Alan Sill "Blockchain standards for compliance and trust" IEEE Cloud Computing 4.4 (2017): 84-90.
Holotescu, Carmen."Understanding Blockchain Opportunities and Challenges." eLearning & Software for Education 4 (2018)

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