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CryptoPanic Is The Crypto News Aggregator You Should See

CryptoPanic Is The Crypto News Aggregator You Should See

Are you an aspiring crypto investor?
Do you love cryptocurrencies?

If you are reading this and your answer is yes, you are exactly where you should be at this moment.
Crypto is taking over the world. Don’t you agree?
However, it is still a small market compared to the global financial system. To put it into perspective, the entire crypto market as of now stands at $222 billion, while and Apple’s market cap alone has crossed $1 trillion.
Given that the global financial market is a multi-trillion dollar industry, the crypto market is obviously just a tiny fraction of it.
And because it is so tiny in comparison to the global financial system, the market is influenced rather easily with just one good or bad news.
That’s why as a crypto enthusiast, you need to be on top of the market news to capture the right sentiments for your investments.
Doing this correctly can be highly rewarding, but if you are ignorant, it can be highly detrimental for you crypto portfolio.
Keeping in mind the influence news has on the crypto market, I want to introduce to you a crypto news aggregator platform that collates info and news from all the legit crypto news sites and sources-  CryptoPanic
What Is CryptoPanic?
CyptoPanic crawls through reliable news websites and other sources like social media (Twitter, Reddit, YouTube etc.)
Some of these news sites are:

It is a free tool to use, but if you want advanced features like integration of Reddit and Twitter channels and other feeds, you can opt for its  Pro version  (more on it later).
CryptoPanic Features

News Section

The news section will show you the collated news feed to you from the top crypto news sites in the space. The interesting thing about this news feed is that you can customize it according to the cryptocurrencies you like.
For this, you need to follow your favorite cryptocurrencies from the right cryptocurrency bar (shown in the right image). This way you will receive customized news that you want to see based on your chosen cryptocurrencies.
Also, one can filter news based on these 5 criteria to make your feed more systematic and personalized:

Media Section

The same filtration one can do in the media section too. The media section displays crypto video, news, and analysis from relevant YouTube channels.
And as per the cryptocurrency you follow, this media feed will also display relevant videos related to those cryptocurrencies.
I found this section quite useful. I use this to filter a lot of unnecessary vlogs which are otherwise quite challenging to segregate.

Cryptocurrency Portfolio

This is an interesting one!
You can track your crypto portfolio’s performance on CryptoPanic by integrating API keys of your crypto exchanges. As of now, it supports more than 10 exchanges as shown below:

Once you integrate your exchange or manually enter you crypto picks, you will be able to see your portfolio in this way:

My Profile Section

Under the Profile section you can also see the news that you have saved or voted for as shown below:

CryptoPanic Pro Version

Pro version is the paid version where members get more out of CryptoPanic with extra features and benefits.
Here are those benefits (Source: CryptoPanic ):

Configure instant alerts for currencies of your high interest and receive news immediately in your email or get notified on mobile.
Add any custom RSS/Atom feeds, Reddit and Twitter sources.
Disable/enable any existing default news sources.
Metadata fields availability in API.
A PRO badge that appears near username and on your profile showing your support for CryptoPanic.

More PRO features coming soon…
Download CryptoPanic Mobiel Apps
Another cool feature of CryptoPanic is that you get all these features in their mobile app as well. So people who don’t have time can take decisions and stay updated on the go.

Download CryptoPanic Android App

Download CryptoPanic iOS App

CryptoPanic is one of the oldest crypto news aggregators in this space.
In my opinion, their free version is definitely worth a trial. If you like their services, you can think of opting for a monthly pro subscription later.
The monthly subscription will give you more customized access to CryptoPanic’s platform where you can add more feeds, Twitter handles, YouTube channels, Reddit threads, and sites to be followed on your behalf.
To me, I found the idea quite decent for the crypto niche as it saves a lot of time and energy for serious players as with CryptoPanic they can get their hands on all the news/sentiments all at once place.
This way crypto investors can keep a quick and hassle-free tab on the news of different cryptocurrencies and formulate their strategies accordingly.
However, you should not believe CryptoPanic blindly as it only a news aggregator and that’s why, if you are a newbie we recommend you to educate yourself first through sites like CoinSutra .
So that’s it from my end today! Let me know your thoughts on CryptoPanic in the comments below. If you have used it in the past, do share your experience with us.
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