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Market Update Report September.4

Market Update Report September.4
Another green week was marked in the crypto markets, although it was accompanied by a sense of manipulation. Manipulations by leverage of the Bitmax exchange stimulate discussion among traders who are feeling the manipulation attempts. These claims have been heard in the past and it is known that Bitcoin’s trading behavior is sometimes influenced by individual players as it is still a relatively small market and a small number of whales can perform significant manipulations on the exchange rate in the short term. In Reddit the traffic is raising around Bitcoin and perhaps it is a sign of a renewed awakening. In addition, we have also seen an entry of 100 million USDT to bitfinex, another hint at the possibility that high rates ahead. But, it should be taken cautiously and maybe we’re talking about another attempt of manipulation.
Meantime, in the alternative coins arena, we recognize the first signs of recovery, while in the background we saw very significant increases in some prominent coins and it can be said that another Alt season might begin soon. At the same time, one should not forget that in the Crypto space there is still a great deal of concern, and despite the sharp rises, we still do not see the enthusiasm in the market with the big hype still sitting in a downward trend.
Ethereum, one of the prominent Altcoins, loses strength in the trades, appearing to be still within the framework of the correction. On the other hand, the famous DOGE coin experienced a massive bull run, rose around 110% and woke up the Alt traders. It is also possible to say in passing that we noticed a pattern that with increases in DOGE, the rest of the market is affected. This may even prove to form the beginning of the Alt’s season.
The market dominance is 53% in favor of Bitcoin, with a total market capitalization of $235 billion.  Trading volume remained similar to around $10 billion in 24 hours.There is not too much change from last week.
A little tip before you get into FOMO:
Do not invest an amount you can not risk! The crypto market in the short term is very volatile and unpredictable. Remember that an investment is measured over time and there is no need to be moved by any rate change.

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A positive week is slowly rising with minor revisions to test the support. It traded around $7,324 with support being built up around $7,000 and resistance is at $7,600.

Against the dollar, it seems that support holds at around $275. It traded around $288 with resistance at $300 in this range.

Against Bitcoin, its approaching the support we saw in December and traded around 0.039 BTC. Support in this range is down more at 0.037 BTC with the resistance difficult to determine and further declines are looking around 0.045 BTC.

Bitcoin Cash
Against the dollar there is a weak shuffling below the support levels which caused fear in the market in the areas of $470. In recent days, a slight jump has returned the rate to safer areas around $633 with support in this range at $600 and resistance at $650.

In front of Bitcoin we saw a floor could be in this range at 0.077 BTC. With a bit of volume, nothing too extreme, would make the rate jump back to 0.09 BTC. This is also where the resistance in this range is currently trading around 0.086 BTC.

Doge Coin
Stochastic trading against the dollar, there is simply no trade for such value. All trading is conducted against Bitcoin and alternative currencies.
In this daily chart from 2015, you can see the cyclicality of the ups and downs over time in a repeating currency.

Traded around 72 SAT with resistance in this range at 80 SAT and support at 58 SAT. The volatility started from the correction that began at 90 SAT.
Against the dollar. Was this what the floor looked like? It seems that all the support attempts broke down and the graph was at an interesting point when we saw the floor of $0.80, a record of $16 was traded. At the time of writing this update it was around $1.2. Support in these areas also looked stable with last week the most stable week since the beginning of 2018. Have interesting figure traders calmed down or woke up?

Against Bitcoin, similar to trading against the dollar, a slightly less extreme decline is still trading at rates higher than 2017. Regardless it underwent a correction, and it seems that here too trading calmed down with the rate around 0.00016 BTC which stood at 0.0002 BTC giving support at 0.00015 BTC.

Cryptocurrency charts  by TradingView.
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