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“Dash is the Future of Money” – An Interview with Dash Hub Africa

“Dash is the Future of Money” – An Interview with Dash Hub Africa reached out to Dash Hub Africa  via Telegram to find out more about what the Dash community has planned for Africa. Talking to Abdullah Adeleke, Dash Hub Africa’s CEO and coordinator, we discussed what Dash can do for Africans and why it is an excellent alternative to bitcoin.
Dash (DASH) is a payments-focused digital currency that provides low-cost, high-speed, near-instant financial transactions and can be used anywhere in the world. Due to these features, Dash has become a popular cryptocurrency for payments and cross-border money transfers.
How Did You Become an Ambassador for Dash in Africa?

I got into cryptocurrency in 2015 and invested in bitcoin back then. In 2016, I attended a conference in Tamale by Cle-Ghana and got in touch with Dash.
I took an in-depth look into the Dash protocol and realised it best fit into solving payment issue. I invested in the coin and later joined its community, organised meet-ups to teach about Dash and then in late 2017, I submitted my first proposal to the Dash Network, which was not funded. This taught me a lot of lessons about organisational conduct and approach.
I resubmitted it in the next cycle and I was funded, so the execution started and now I have successfully expanded Dash into eight African countries. Namely Ghana, Nigeria, Togo, Benin Republic, Ivory Coast, Ethiopia, Kenya, and Uganda.
What Are Dash’s Plans for Africa And What Role Will Dash Hub Africa Play?
Dash is digital cash and our aim is to become the best payment alternative to cash anywhere and anytime.
The focus in Africa is great. A lot of Africans are unbanked and some economies are suffering from hyperinflation. In order to resolve these issues, we need to create decentralisation for our payments and give equal access to everyone at all time.
Dash Hub Africa operates in eight Africa countries currently, where it has ambassadors who are contributing their quota to creating economic growth through Dash as a payment service and merchant solution.
On several occasions, we launch strategies that best fit for the progress of our work and to give the best possible return on investment to Dash Masternodes (Investors).
Moreover, we have added businesses that accept Bitcoin in the region of operation to also accept Dash. For instance, Betty’s Place Restaurant in Nyeri, Kenya now also accepts Dash (DASH). She recently made headlines on BBC World News .
How Do You Think Dash Will Be Able to Compete With Bitcoin Once the Lightning Network And Confidential Transactions Will be Implemented on the Bitcoin Network?
Dash is the future of money. In addition to bitcoin’s features, DASH has InstantSend, PrivateSend, and Decentralised Autonomous Organisation, which enables it to fund its own progress.
It is noted that Dash is Bitcoin 2.0, even though bitcoin is the first cryptocurrency but Dash is more relevant to payments and shows the true features of money more than bitcoin does.
Finally, Where Can Cryptocurrency Users in Africa Find Out More About Dash?

Dash is a decentralised community with a focus on becoming the best alternative to cash. You can reach us at [email protected] to know more about Dash Digital Cash or visit the official website for more information.
Accept Dash as a payment alternative to cash in your business and experience growth just like Venezuelans who are changing their economic crises through Dash Digital Cash.
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