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Tron’s Founder: Vitalik Admits Ethereum’s 2017 Bull-Run Was Only Because of Hype


In a recent interview, Ethereum’s Vitalik Buterin stated that the future of crypto adoption depends on useful applications of digital currencies, as the hype has already passed.
TRON founder, Justin Sun, commented on this by pointing out that Buterin has admitted that ETH grew big on hype alone.
In response, Buterin called Sun a “self-identified shill not worthy of listening to,” and the two communities entered a tweet war.

The new month had marked a start of a Twitter argue between the founders of two popular cryptocurrency projects — TRON and Ethereum.
Justin Sun, the founder of the TRON commented on the recent interview between Vitalik Buterin and Smart Valor. This is where Buterin talked about the future of cryptocurrencies and the next wave of its adoption.
In his statement, Sun pointed out that Buterin admitted that Ethereum bull run of 2017 was built on nothing but hype. In the same speech, Sun predicts that the next bull run will be led by TRON, not due to the hype, but because of mass dapp adoption and a new project based on recently purchased BitTorrent.

Vitalik: next wave of crypto is not going to be built on hype. @VitalikButerin admits that #ETH lead the 2017 bull run built on hype. #TRON will lead next bull run built on massive adoption dapps and @BitTorrent . #TRX $TRX
— Justin Sun (@justinsuntron) December 2, 2018

He also mentioned the current low prices, since most cryptos lost around 90% of their value in 2018. Ethereum itself even lost its position as the second largest market cap to Ripple several weeks ago. Buterin believes that this can be reversed by giving cryptocurrencies more actual applications, which is what the Ethereum team has been focusing on.
In the end, he stated that the next wave of crypto adoption would not be built on hype, because that part of the crypto history has already passed in 2017. For that reason, the only thing that can bring cryptocurrencies back up after a harsh 2018 includes useful applications, which will make them valuable.
Sun Responds
Justin Sun tweeted that Vitalik has admitted that ETH blew up on hype and only by hype. He then pointed out that TRON will be the one that will provide useful applications that Buterin is mentioning. In his statement, Sun used a dollar sign before adding TRON’s ticker symbol.
The statement, as well as the inclusion of “$TRX” did not sit well with Buterin, and he commented in his Vitalik way:

Heuristic #103: anyone who puts a dollar sign followed by a ticker symbol in their tweet is basically a self-identified shill and not worth listening to.
— Vitalik Non-giver of Ether (@VitalikButerin) December 2, 2018

While Sun himself did not respond to this, members of the two communities clashed due to this conflict. Many accused TRON of being nothing but hype at this time, even going as far as to call it “Chinese Ethereum,” and  “untrustworthy.”

TRON is just ETH made in China – cheap copy
— #INWEST Don’t #HODL viparmenia (@armeniavip) December 2, 2018

Members of the TRON community, however, point out that TRON has yet to fail on a single delivery, while Ethereum already failed many times.
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