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Bitcoin (BTC) Subreddit Surpasses One Million Subscribers

Bitcoin (BTC), Cryptocurrency– While most investors run for cover amidst the falling crypto prices, as the bear market of 2018 extends into the final month of the year, the Reddit based community for the number one cryptocurrency by market capitalization has hit a new milestone.

Congrats r/Bitcoin, million subscribers.
— NVK (@nvk) December 3, 2018

On Dec. 2, the subreddit for Bitcoin reached 1 million subscribers, marking a historic moment for the community that few other groups on the site have been able to achieve. Amazingly, given that coin price have fallen 70 to 95 percent from their high in January, the community of cryptocurrency has managed to show resiliency that could pay off in the long run.
Bitcoin, in particular, has cultivated a strong a following of investors who are looking for more than just profit. The community formed through Reddit has not only found ways to give back to need-based programs through the significant wealth created in last year’s bull run (such as the Bitcoin Pineapple fund which gave away a whopping $86 million to 60 charities–all from the generosity of one Bitcoin user), to consistently finding ways to form grassroots adoption.
While some have chosen to trade Bitcoin for the price speculation alone, the technology has a struck a chord with the majority of its following which extends beyond just being another appreciable asset. Each user may have their own reason for supporting the currency, ranging from a belief in the technology of blockchain and the superiority of digital currencies over their fiat alternatives, to a politically-oriented ideology that espouses decentralization and more libertarian views. However, the vast number of Reddit users and Bitcoin supporters around the world hold opinions that are a far cry from the one being attributed by mainstream outlets and economists–one that continually seeks to label crypto investors as gamblers, pyramid schemers or the propagators of a malicious virus.

Wow, Reddit's Bitcoin community is now over 1 million. I remember when it was < 6,000… Many thanks to the hard work of @BashCo_ & the other volunteer moderators!
— Tuur Demeester (@TuurDemeester) December 3, 2018

With the subreddit now eclipsing 1 million subscribers, it contributes to the growing paradox of 2018 that was touched upon by Mike Novogratz in a conference call last week. As reported by EWN, the billionaire crypto supporter made no qualms about the state of the industry throughout this year, claiming it has been, “a horrible bear market in tokens,” with “plenty of reason to be depressed.” Despite the plummeting price of Bitcoin, which experienced its worst month of losses in November since August 2011, the support and adoption for the digital currency is on the rise, creating the bedrock for the technology to perform in 2019 and beyond.
While Google searches and general excitement for cryptocurrency has eroded with the market capitalization, down from nearly $900 billion in January, the industry has moved past daily appearances on CNBC and other popular outlets which were fixated on the climbing price and overnight millionaires being created in last year’s bull run. In place of that attention is a recognition that the industry still has yet to grow, with prices outpacing real world use at the start of the year. It’s not enough for Bitcoin to grow from exchange driven, price speculation alone: the currency has to find a footing in both usability and mindset for mainstream consumers before it can hope to match last December pricing.
Until then, the growing community for Bitcoin on sites like Reddit continues to provide a window into the state of crypto adoption, and the willingness for a segment of the population to try the technology that has been hailed as the next greatest innovation since the internet.
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