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Electroneum (ETN), Verge (XVG), DigiByte (DGB): What Awaits these coins in future?

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The predictability of a crypto coin’s future potentials is synonymous to making investments when the bears are dominating the markets. The trio – Verge (XVG), Electroneum (ETN), and the DigiByte (DGB) crypto coins are pushing forward despite the dominance of the bears. As the year progresses, the future looks good for these coins and many factors are pointing to the possibility of this assertion.
Verge (XVG) Privacy Coin Era is Coming
With recent hacks and issues arising on different crypto platforms, it became necessary to protect one’s digital assets. The introduction of hardware wallets for offline storage of crypto coins is a welcome development. However “ masking ” transactions will lend a voice to the current discourse.
Perhaps, in the coming months, there will surge in the quest to adopt privacy coins . Verge (XVG) , the viable cryptographic currency working on the premise of the Wraith Protocol stands a better chance to hold the rope end.
Despite declines in the value after getting into bed with the adult content site – Pornhub, the adoption by many partners that took interest in the privacy features buoyed the value. To this end, the future will be of positive inputs when more adoptions come the  way.
In addition, the incessant NetCents partnership and integration into other platforms such as Bitnovo, PAX Technology, ExaDigm Inc among others are factors that will impress on the coin’s value in the future. With Netcents, their is no limit to the adoption Verge (XVG) can witness in the nearest future.
On the other hand, viable developments such as the expected iOS wallet will not only set the coin on the path of the bulls but will also help it wash off its shoddy image among crypto users.
DigiByte’s (DGB) Blockchain is sustaining
Despite the struggles to remain relevant after the bears rocked the waves in 2018 till 2019, DigiByte’s (DGB) UTXO blockchain is sustaining the quest to make it to the tops. With a current 560 transaction per second (TPS) rate in 15 minutes block time, the coin has the prospects to achieve 2,000 TPS in the coming year.
It is also making the headlines on exchanges as Coinfield listed it and paired it alongside the British Pound, CAD, EUR, and the USD trading pairs. DigiByte (DGB) also sustains the tempo with the USD pair at Bittrex, and the Turkish Lira pair on BitTurk.
There is also the expectation of DigiAssets – a solution that allows the tokenization of different aspects such as in-game currencies.
Crypto Mining – An Opening for Electroneum (ETN)
Crypto coins often have restricted supply. This helps in creating the loophole of scarcity that buoys their value. The concept of mining is an opening to regulate the creation of tokens. Electroneum’s (ETN) mobile mining approach is an opening to make positive impressions on the crypto community. It has already gathered different network providers to its side and is set to benefit from the massive base of smartphone users.
While Apple is an outstanding company known to take huge share in the market, the acceptance of the Electroneum IoS mining App. by Apple is such a big boost for the cryptocurrency.
The KYC compliance not only casts away doubts of fraud but also buoys businesses to integrate the coin in their payment platforms.
The Future is Waiting
The coming months wait with open arms to offer the best prospects to these coins. There are indications that the year 2019 will be better off than the bear-dominated 2018 and offer crypto coins the advantage of hitting their all-time highs.
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