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Amaury Sechet Declares Via Tweet That He Is Satoshi Nakamoto

Amaury Sechet, who is the the self-proclaimed “benevolent dictator” of the Bitcoin ABC (primary) implementation of BCH , has revealed via Twitter that he is Satoshi Nakamoto . On February 8th, he posted the following tweet:

I am Satoshi Nakamoto. There it is said and I can prove it: 304502200fc3909c3224bc140b7aed365f33f066bd81eabedd198ad2a257882e86586ae8022100f03c6f63cddb43ebf48512c9a0cc0f97fd2cf227d22f15691d7ad65e49ddd659
— Deadal Nix (@deadalnix) February 8, 2019

Could he really be the mysterious creator of Bitcoin , Satoshi Nakamoto, whose identity still evades the crypto community? Most of the cryptocurrency community does not believe so, and they are calling him out on his bluff.
Sechet tweeted a follow-up to the initial tweet, saying;

The hash of the message is 69ea465fc5f924b61dd51514617a8f2118bc1363c7a91a249d1ac404662139b3
It's content will be revealed soon.
If you don't believe me, stiff!
— Deadal Nix (@deadalnix) February 8, 2019

The Twitterati has not been kind to Amaury, and have pitted him time and again against Craig Wright, who also claimed that he is behind the creation of Bitcoin. One twitter user commented on Amaury’s post saying:

You're not clever enough to invent something like bitcoin, but you use Craigs ideas.
— William Wiley (@WilmWiley) February 8, 2019

It has been brought to the public’s attention by Bitcoin Core developer Gregory Maxwell, that faking Satoshi’s identity is actually quite easy. Maxwell wrote:
“So, for example, a couple of years ago Craig Wright claimed to ‘prove he was Satoshi’ by simply copying some pre-existing signatures out of the blockchain and posting somewhat obfuscated instructions on verifying them. It was figured out pretty quickly, but still managed to fool a lot of people– they were too caught up in the mumbo-jumbo to think of the obvious.”
It seems that the identity of the anonymous Satoshi Nakamoto still remains a mystery. Anyone who stakes a claim on that identity has to have solid evidence to back up their claim, or else the crypto community will definitely not buy it.
The Bitcoin community has unsuccessfully attempted in the past to unravel the identity of the founder but they have had no such luck. With such claims coming up from time to time, the community is understandingly much more sceptical of these claims.

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