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One Third to a Half of Those Who Follow Justin Sun May Be Fake Accounts

A few days ago, Justin Sun shared with the community his excitement after he reached the goal of having a million followers on Twitter. This obviously showed how influential the creator of Tron is, and how much enthusiasm this blockchain generated among users.

First one in Crypto world to break through 1 million in Twitter! #TRON #TRX $TRX #BitTorrent #BTT $BTT — Justin Sun (@justinsuntron) March 21, 2019

According to Justin himself, right now there is no crypto influencer with that number of followers. His personality generates conflicting opinions, but without a doubt, everyone has something to say, to the point that Tron’s community is perhaps one of the most active in CT, along with the XRP army.

However, a recent study by Mr. Geoff Golberg, a New York-based researcher, questions the veracity of these figures. He claims that after analyzing the behavior of the last followers of Justin Sun, a little less than half of them proved to have all the characteristics of a bot:

The first tweet shows that 20k of Justin Sun’s 50k most recent followers were accounts created this month, plus most of the suspicious followers had no profile picture or just uploaded a generic pic of Justin Sun. It’s also curious that the accounts had random names like 9M9Rc68ryRdfjRq or displayed generic names with a series of numbers such as “Mr.” Alex 30276292.

~20K of @justinsuntron ’s most recent 50K Twitter followers are accounts which were created this month Many of them look like these — geoff golberg (@geoffgolberg) March 23, 2019

In another Tweet, Mr. Golberg shows how a significant number of accounts were “born” a few weeks ago, perhaps with the sole purpose of following Justin Sun and replicate his tweets. Golberg posted a graph to illustrate the dates these accounts were created.

Justin Sun is proud to be the "First one in Crypto world to break through 1 million in Twitter!" I pulled his last 50K followers and the date each account was created Need I say more? — geoff golberg (@geoffgolberg) March 21, 2019

Note that most of the accounts were opened in 2019. The fact that it is almost impossible to distinguish the “dots” suggests that most of these accounts were set up during the last few weeks.

Although Golberg’s research is quite meticulous, we could contrast his findings to those of SparkToro’s twitter audit algorithm. This tool indicates that over 306k of Justin Sun’s followers are false, however, this figure appears to be lower than other accounts with a similar number of followers.

data: Sparktoro

Compare the results with those of Vitalik Buterin , Founder of Ethereum , the second most important altcoin of crypto-verse

data: Sparktoro

The results after analyzing the Twitter account of Mr. Brad Garlinghouse , CEO of Ripple .

data: Sparktoro

And, just for curiosity… The results for President Donald Trump :

data: Sparktoro

Mr. Goberg is known for analyzing the behavior of Twitter as a communications tool. Just a few days ago , he published the results of his research to the XRP Army, showing that also most of them were bots created to generate an image of fake engagement.

Unlike the XRP community, Tron (TRX) supporters have yet to react. Justin Sun has not issued any comments about this research.
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Read the full Article: One Third to a Half of Those Who Follow Justin Sun May Be Fake Accounts

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