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PumaPay’s cryptobilling solution gains PCI compliance

Limassol, Cyprus, July 2019 – PumaPay , the innovative blockchain-based payment system, announces its cryptobilling solution, PullPayment Protocol, has secured PCI (payment card industry) compliance. PCI is an industry standard that everyone who issues a credit or debit card must meet. PumaPay’s compliance puts PullPayment Protocol in league with traditional card issuers, marking a milestone in the integration of cryptopayments into mainstream consumer habits. 

Looking back at the Target data breach in 2013, the WhatsApp security breach this past May, and everything in between, it’s clear that there’s no overstating how vital credit card security is in our day-to-day lives. As the finance world continues in its digital stride, it’s just as important that customers feel safe purchasing goods with cryptocurrency. PumaPay’s PCI compliance gives users the confidence they need to spend their digital coins with greater confidence that their personal information isn’t compromised.


PCI compliance standards require businesses to handle credit card information in a secure manner that ensures the cardholder’s sensitive financial data remains safe. The requirements are set by the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council, a conglomerate of the major credit card companies, including VISA, American Express, and Mastercard. On its section about PCI, Investopedia states bluntly that “many of history’s largest data breaches may have been avoided if the affected merchants or financial institutions [had] been PCI-compliant.”   


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PumaPay’s PullPayment Protocol aims to provide flexibility of cryptopayments in day-to-day transactions by enabling multiple payment scenarios and all the familiar billing methodologies used with credit cards. By building its own ecosystem, including the development of a Business Console and PumaPay Pride, a marketing hub for all businesses to promote their products, PumaPay’s solution is striving to become a viable cryptopayment system tailored for all businesses and individuals worldwide. PCI compliance gives PullPayment Protocol the legitimacy it needs to serve everyone interested in purchasing products with crypto. 


PCI compliance puts PullPayment Protocol on the map, giving PumaPay the recognition it needs to deliver its cryptobilling solution, while also keeping users’ financial information secure,” says Yoav Dror, CEO of PumaPay. “ The goal here is to give people the ability to spend their cryptocurrency easily and safely as they would regular fiat, and to allow businesses to accept cryptopayments using the same payment method to which they’re accustomed.” 

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