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Chinese Search Engine Baidu ranks “Bitcoin Scam” as top search suggestion

Chinese Search Engine Baidu ranks “Bitcoin Scam” as top search suggestion
China has been a major resistance against Bitcoin and the idea of cryptocurrency since inception, although it is one of the most advanced in blockchain services.
Despite its recent openness towards cryptocurrency and the coming launch of its own digital currency, the country seems to still be attached to its skepticism towards Bitcoin in spite of its growing popularity.
Leading Chinese internet search engine Baidu reportedly still ranks the term “Bitcoin scam” as a top search suggestion for anything related to Bitcoin.
This is second only to the most popular Bitcoin search phrase, “Bitcoin price”.
The search suggestion is said to be available even for new users as it shows up even when the cookies on the search engine are cleared.
A lingering hatred for Bitcoin?
One thing that may be a bit disturbing to Bitcoin supporters is that this search suggestion has been on Baidu for several years after Bitcoin was invented.
Bitcoin has been in existence for over ten years now and has become more accepted even among those who did not like it a few years ago.
Although not all, a good number of important government officials have spoken for Bitcoin recently.
With China’s advancement in technology, some may find this a bit disappointing and suspect it to be a deliberate attempt at discouraging the use of Bitcoin.
For instance a Twitter user commented that the search term may be second because the Chinese government wants it to rank that high. “maybe it only 2nd because China wants it to be”, he wrote.
This might sound speculative but considering the ongoing internet censorship the government is pursuing and it’s continuing resistance against Bitcoin, such an allegation may not be entirely out of place.
Baidu itself had reportedly contributed to internet censorship in China.
The search engine company was said to filter out all information concerning the murder of protesters by Chinese troops over 30 years ago.
Although this has nothing to do with cryptocurrency, it makes it questionable if Chinese government can not ensure that “Bitcoin scam” remains a top suggestion on the search engine when its citizens search for Bitcoin.
Chinese still into Bitcoin
Despite the negative perception of Bitcoin by the Chinese government, its citizens are certainly still interested in and use Bitcoin.
China had earlier banned any trade in Bitcoin or any cryptocurrency in the country and exchanges could not operate as they were closely monitored.
Bitcoin peer-to-peer trading became dominant at the time with users resorting to the use of VPN to avoid being traced.
Even though China is not the only country against Bitcoin, the top cryptocurrency seems to making significant progress in becoming a popular cryptocurrency.
Not only Bitcoin but other cryptocurrencies are gaining traction with potential for wider application outside their use as money.

Will China eventually accept Bitcoin or will it continue to resist it despite its decision to launch its own digital currency?
Only time will tell, but Chinese citizens are clearly on the side of Bitcoin regardless of where the government stands.
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