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Stephen Colbert Pokes Fun at Bitcoin in Monologue: Mainstream Gone Wrong?

Stephen Colbert Pokes Fun at Bitcoin in Monologue: Mainstream Gone Wrong?
Bitcoin is going mainstream. Kinda. It’s going mainstream in a weird twisted and sadistic way, anyway.
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On Thursday night, Stephen Colbert conducted his latest monologue. As normal, the career television host and entertainer weighed in on and poked fun at the state of U.S. politics, addressing a serious matter with some jest. What’s weird, as hinted at earlier, is that Bitcoin and blockchain made a cameo. But not in the way you’d expect.
Colbert Bashes Bitcoin… Kinda
No, Colbert didn’t bring on a cryptocurrency investor as a guest, or laud the benefits of blockchain technologies in a comedic fashion. Colbert joked that Bitcoin as a boring topic, eliciting mild, well, quite rapturous laughter from his studio crowd. He said:
Let’s see, places I’d rather be than a Trump rally off the top of my head: the DMV, the dentist, someone else’s child’s clarinet recital, a Soviet gulag, covered with honey and staked on an anthill, sliding down a 50-foot razor blade into a bathtub of gin, and in conversation with someone that knows a lot about Bitcoin — go on, go on about blockchain.

Bitcoin on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert 
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