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Utopia launches its crypton mining feature with decentralized ecosystem

Utopia launches its crypton mining feature with decentralized ecosystem

Cryptocurrency is growing day by day and people wants to get crypton easily but it is becoming hard for people to mine new cryptocurrency because of complex algorithms and people traffic.

Cryptocurrency is purely based on blockchain technology and people need to solve complex algorithms to mine some cryptocurrency but for that they need to invest in costly hardware, special purpose CPU’s to mine cryptocurrencies and electricity. At first glance we thinks that we will get number of crypton and become billionaire but it is not easy as people think of.
Of course in future cryptocurrency is going to be the hot topic for digital payment system and online trading.

We can see many cryptocurrencies in market and can also buy it from exchanges to get some profit from that, of course we are doing this to get profit from that. Recent example is bitcoins, in past who knows that bitcoin would touch sky but those who had mined bitcoin in early stage are not billionaire for sure.
So it is very important in cryptocurrency that you enter in early stage to get more and more profit from it in future.

Utopia recently launched its free crypton mining feature in ecosystem.
It is easy to mine crypton and you gets crypton while you just be online in software.
Utopia has launched p2p networking software which is decentralized application.
It provides many secure and privacy based features like chat, mail, browser, map, wallet, mining, games and many more features.
It is decentralized application so purely server less concept without any surveillance or monitoring.
While mining crypton in utopia it just stores it in uwallet in the same platform so you don’t need to have other wallets to store your crypton.

To start mining crypton in utopia you just need to download utopia software.

 After installing software you just need to go to mining section in software by clicking on diamond and go to mining menu. It will start mining crypton.

For the settings related to mining like stop mining you need to go to settings section by clicking on settings icon.

To stop mining you just need to uncheck “Enable Mining” checkbox and click on “Save” button. It will stop mining crypton.
Again when you want to start mining you just need to check “Enable Mining” button and click on “Save” button.

Utopia provides inbuilt “uWallet” to store mined crypton. You don’t need to use any other online wallets to store your precious crypton but it’s automatically stored in your uwallet.

Utopia mining bots

You can boost your mining power with creating utopia mining bots.
Utopia provides mining bots in Linux, Mac and Linux OS.
You just need to create bot and configure in other systems, virtual machine or cloud, by doing this you can increase your crypton mining power.
There is no limit of creating and launching mining bots.

By opening mining bots menu you can create your mining bots.

You need to give name to your mining bot and click on “Create Bot” button.
Do download and install click on the link.

Your mining bot will be created and listed like this. It will have unique token which you need to use to launch mining bot.

After creating bot you can download your bot from start bot menu and launch it.
For launching bots in different OS you can find several videos in YouTube.

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