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Monitoring Changes in the Cryptocurrency Market

Monitoring Changes in the Cryptocurrency Market is a reliable service for monitoring cryptocurrency prices.
With it, you can easily track the capitalization of various coins and tokens, their ratings, daily changes in price and trading volume.
And on the detailed page of the coin of interest, it is always possible to see its features in a visual chart discovering its dynamics, as well as a moment favorable for purchase.

If you invest in crypto/blockchain projects, trade on cryptocurrency exchanges or just watch the crypto market, then using the information provided on Coin-Cap, you can easily constantly monitor the latest changes in the coin of interest. And thanks to the rating of crypto exchanges, you will always be aware of the daily trading volume, the number of trading pairs, the most popular pairs on a particular exchange.
The rating itself consists of 67 verified cryptocurrency exchanges recommended by the service after a thorough analysis and selection according to criteria from 300+ trading platforms.

Do not miss the opportunity to test your knowledge of the crypto market — create your own cryptocurrency portfolio.
A crypto portfolio is a collection of your digital assets that are gathered together to achieve a specific goal, namely: make money on the growth of prices.
Add coins that are promising in your opinion, follow the change in its value, adjust, analyze how much you could earn or lose on a particular group of cryptocurrencies.

Since the cryptocurrency market is chaotic, the rules of the stock market here work only partially. Still, it is an independent sector of the financial world where its laws have been formed. To get a detailed understanding of the correlation of various coins and tokens, you can use the chart where it is convenient to compare the exchange rates of several cryptocurrencies.

Coin-Cap has a functional section Compare Cryptocurrencies, where up to 5 coins can be compared at a time.
By plotting the chart exactly at time intervals, you can make a short-term or medium-term forecast for yourself, at the same time determining the market trend and revealing the correlation of cryptocurrencies among themselves. Using such a tool, traders and investors can see the similarities and differences in the dynamics of certain coins without resorting to outside analysts (meaning free).
It will immediately become clear whether the displayed cryptocurrency really grew independently or whether it was a global bull rally in the market.
In the latter case, it may turn out that the price of the coin grew even slower than the rest, which would be impossible to determine on separate cryptocurrency charts.

In addition, pay attention to the Bitcoin Block Explorer, a convenient tool for researching blocks, BTC addresses, network complexity, data on BTC transactions and mempool status. The block explorer on Coin-Cap is very easy to use: enter the BTC address, transaction hash or block number in the search box, and you will receive all the information in detail.

Under the search bar, you will also find 4 important indicators:

- the current bitcoin price in dollars;
- the complexity of the entire network in hashes;
- the number of unconfirmed transactions;
- the size of the mempool.

And under the indicators, there are two feeds: last blocks mined and latest bitcoin transactions.
In general, this is a very useful tool needed to obtain relevant information about the network and the operations carried out in it.

To ensure that the necessary information is always at hand, use the Coin-Cap mobile application for Android/iOS devices.
It is as free and convenient as the site, all the functionality and all the tools of the web version are saved in it.

The mobile application displays real-time cryptocurrency prices, shows the status of the portfolio, compares exchanges, cryptocurrencies (coins and tokens). Do not forget about the flexible push notification settings for your favorite coins and personal portfolio, which will help you monitor their value and not miss an important moment!

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