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‘What Idiot Could Believe Such Nonsense?’ John McAfee Disavows His $1 Million Bitcoin Price Prediction

‘What Idiot Could Believe Such Nonsense?’ John McAfee Disavows His $1 Million Bitcoin Price Prediction

John McAfee, computer programmer, tax fugitive, and crypto advocate, is distancing himself from his infamous $1 million bitcoin price forecast once again.

In early 2018, McAfee predicted that one bitcoin would be worth a staggering $1 million by the end of this year. He went as far as to state that he would eat his manhood on live television if this prediction did not bear fruit. 

Lot's of people asking me over the past two days whether my bet is still on (that I will eat my dick if Bitcoin does not reach $1 million by the end of 2020). ABSOLUTELY!!! It is a bet that I cannot possibly use. Use your heads people! Run the numbers that crypto folks well know. — John McAfee (@officialmcafee) February 2, 2018

The British-American anti-virus guru stood firm by his prediction over the years, up until January of this year when he said it was all a trick intended to onboard new crypto users . He even called bitcoin an ancient technology like Model T, Ford’s first automobile.

In a tweet on May 30, McAfee once again mocked his lofty $1 million price target, this time quipping that crypto enthusiasts should have noticed the “absurd humor” in the ambitious prediction.  

“Are you one of the persons who did not see the absurd humor in it? I posted it on the same day I predicted Whale Fucking would replace Surfing as the number one water sport. Wake up!”

He further explained that the bitcoin price hitting $1 million means that the asset would have a market capitalization that’s way bigger than the GDP of the whole of North America. “What idiot could believe such nonsense?” he asked derisively.

Put a different way: If Bitcoin ever hit $1 mil, it's market cap would be greater than the GDP of the entire North American Continent. What idiot could believe such nonsense? Whale Fucking is a thousand times more likely to make its way onto the Olympics Stage. — John McAfee (@officialmcafee) May 30, 2020

McAfee Is Still A Crypto Fan… Just Not Bitcoin

McAfee has undeniably lost a good number of cryptocurrency fans by welching on his $1 million BTC price bet, but on the bright side, he gets to keep his male member. 

Moreover, he has not completely ditched the crypto world. Since denouncing bitcoin, he has been backing privacy-oriented Monero coin. He also recently announced his own anonymity coin known as GHOST . 

It is worth mentioning that PIVX developers accused McAfee of copy-pasting material from an old PIVX white paper for the GHOST coin. McAfee later admitted to plagiarism, further asserting that he would be suing the PIVX team for defamation.

But what’s even more interesting is the fact that McAfee believes his GHOST project and the controversial HEX token will achieve much more than bitcoin (BTC). shares this Contents always with License.

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