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Coming Soon: ATLAS™, the Most Powerful Blockchain Search Engine Available

Explore dozens of blockchains with the most performant and reliable blockchain search tool available.  The infrastructure that powers Coin Metrics’ best-in-class on-chain data will soon be available to you.

Since 2017, Coin Metrics has been the leading provider of on-chain cryptoasset data.  We run over 100  blockchain full nodes, collect their underlying data and then calculate a curated set of on-chain metrics to help our users better understand cryptonetworks. Tens of thousands of users across the globe access this data through our community and professional offerings. 


Coin Metrics’ new offering, ATLAS search, was designed to grant users access to a universe of blockchains via a single blockchain explorer API.  ATLAS search provides a uniform way to query raw data from several cryptonetworks using our Universal Blockchain Data Model (UBDM); a novel approach that translates complex blockchain data into the universal double-entry accounting format. In a world where each blockchain features unique characteristics,  ATLAS is the bridge that standardizes and simplifies access to the data of any blockchain.

Query the raw UBDM data associated with any given address, transaction hash, block height or block hash.

Search up to 100 addresses at once for the full calculated historical balance of each of these addresses Explore over a dozen cryptoassets via a single interface Filter response by account, height and other fields

Of course, our on-chain metrics will continue to be available, for users who prefer blockchain network data in an aggregated format.  In fact, we have lot of new metrics in the works. Visit our site for more information.


Coin Metrics is a leading provider of transparent and actionable cryptoasset market and network data. Coin Metrics delivers mature data across multiple formats to various industry stakeholders, including financial enterprises, funds, media and research outlets, and data/application providers. Coin Metrics’ data empowers its clients and the public to better understand, value, use, and ultimately steward public crypto networks.
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Cool to know huh? Read the full Article

Cool huh? Please read the full Article: Coming Soon:  ATLAS™, the Most Powerful Blockchain Search Engine Available

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