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Dusk Network Announces First Conference

Dusk Network Announces First Conference
Following a successful business year in 2020, Dusk Network has announced the details of its first-ever conference. The event, tagged DuskCon, will be held on April 9, 2021, and will be streamed live entirely from Amsterdam.
This digital event is for its community to not only familiarize itself with the Dusk Network’s technology but also get a view of the future of the Dusk ecosystem. Along with an itinerary of events that will take place during DuskCon, Dusk network has also released the names of the event speakers as well as details on how to participate.
Dusk Network Looks to the Future
One of the main goals of this conference is to give in-depth insight into the structure of the Dusk Network’s technology. There will also be an insight into its possible future use cases by the Network itself as well as strategic partners.
Other activities that will take place include the celebration of Dusk Network’s E2E Candidate Release, the announcement of new partners, and upcoming roadmap releases. The program will take place on April 9, 2021, from 15:00 to 17:00 CET and both existing and potential Dusk Network users are invited.
Among some of the speakers for the event are Emanuel Francoini of Dusk Network, who will be speaking on DeFi and E2E Release Candidate, Keiran Hall of Dusk Network, and Marco Robustelli of Ankr who will be speaking on light nodes and Luke Pearson of Dusk Network and Shail Dewanson of Harmony who will speak on the barriers of DeFi and Daira Hopwood of ZCash on privacy.
A question and answer segment will take place during the conference and a panel will be held with Jelle Poi (Dusk Network), Rick Schmitz (LTO Network), and Bas Kortenhoff acting as speakers.
This highly-anticipated event is being supported by some of the biggest names in crypto and blockchain including Harmony, Binance, ANKR, NPEX, Aztec. There is also anticipation surrounding the announcement of new partnerships and as well as a possible surprise announcement.
According to Emanuele Francioni, Tech Lead of Dusk Network, the decision to host the first-ever DuskCon was brought about by the launch of the End-2-End Release Candidate, what deserved a celebration after 3 years of working towards this technical milestone.
“ For our Dusk Network technology, we use open source and lots of the developments can be followed via our GitHub. We are as transparent as we can be, but it can be challenging for the community to see the bigger picture.. We felt the need to celebrate with our community, as we will be launching the End-to-End Release Candidate, a technical milestone the company had been working towards for nearly 3 years. To come this far, we have made very specific choices regarding privacy, like the use of zero-knowledge proof, PLONK and Rusk. Therefore, DuskCon is the right moment to explain our choices and what it means for partners and future products and services that will be built. ” he says.
Speaking on the importance of DuskCon for the future of the platform, Jelle Pol, Business Director of Dusk Network, says,
“At DuskCon we showcase how everything we build ties together into our larger vision, the Dusk Ecosystem. On top of our privacy blockchain, we facilitate others to house financial apps. We already announced a few use cases with our partners, like the digital shareholder registry with LTO, the creation of the TWO utility token and recently announced our partnerships with ANKR and Harmony. It is the first time where our community, investors, future customers and international speakers tie together what we have been working on over the past years and our next steps.“
The Future of DuskCon
The crypto and blockchain space is expanding at a rapid rate but even as projects like the Dusk Network grow, there is the need to carry their audience along. If not, users risk finding themselves in ecosystems they no longer recognize. This is why conferences like DuskCon are important; they show new and existing users what has been done so far and what is to come.
Emanuele Francioni agrees, and speaking on the possibility of future conferences, he says,
“Conferences like DuskCon keep you engaged with all parties interested, especially our loyal community, in what you are creating. It is a team effort, a great opportunity for acquaintances and you have to connect all the dots in such a way, everybody sees where you are coming from and where you are going. The first DuskCon already requires a follow up, though we hope to make it a live event next time with some of the same intimate feel”
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