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The Anita Posch Show - Adam B. Levine: Bitcoin, NFTs and the Arts

My guest is Adam B. Levine the managing editor for podcasts at Coindesk , and host of the longest-running English language talk show about Bitcoin called "Speaking of Bitcoin" (formerly known as Let's Talk Bitcoin). I appreciate Adam's work a lot, I have been an avid listener of his podcast for many years. Adam is also the CEO of, has minted some NFTs and had Metakovan on his show, who bought Beeple's NFT for $ 69 million - the most expensive NFT sold at an auction so far. Our topic is NFTs and how they are going to shape the art world of the future. Adam B. Levine's podcasting and Bitcoin story Why Metakovan paid $69 Mio. for Beeple's NFT Advantages and responsibility of being your own bank Technology adoption Democratization of art and gatekeepers Technological problems to be solved How to mint a NFT Tezos, Mintable, Rarible, Nifty gateway Artists revenue split and rewards The new renaissance and the Medici patronage model Lightning network and podcasting Adam sent 5 bitcoin to Adam Curry Tokenly project, crowdfunding with tokens Shownotes on the episode page shares this Contents always with License.

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