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Big Data & Digital Transformation in the new Health Era

Big Data & Digital Transformation in the new Health Era
The healthcare industry has undergone many changes in the past few years with the inclusion of game-changing technology such as Big Data. The industry has outgrown the traditional medical institution model with the integration of health applications on smartphones, telemedicine, automated medicine dispensers, wearable medical gadgets, and so on. All of these inventions are monitored and managed using Big Data Analytics. 
These changes are accommodated to meet the ever-growing consumer demand for affordable and optimized medical care. Big Data Analytics has the potential to tie the loose ends of the healthcare industry together and the potential to integrate with services such as blockchain technology to further optimize the healthcare industry,
As expertly demonstrated by Immunify.Life , Big Data Analytics can revolutionize the healthcare sector in:
Digital Health Platforms
Big Data Analytics enables medical institutions to set up digital health platforms with professional medicare that allows patients to participate in self-care in mild cases. This self-care model has taken the burden from healthcare facilities and helped patients gain quicker access to medical services, such as booking diagnostic tests and ordering medicines online. 
Data-Driven Clinical Records
Big Data Analytics enables a data-driven clinical decision support system (CDSS) which is a key to managing complex tasks, such as recording conditions, tests, symptoms and making data accessible to clinicians and medical organizations.
Automation is a necessary tool given the fast pace of the industry where a shortage of doctors and paramedical staff is evident. Automation powered by Big Health Data Analytics can help in reducing the reliance on the clinical labor force while advancing medical sciences by cataloging the resources more efficiently. 
IoT and Artificial Intelligence
The Internet of Things has powered medical wearable and other biosensing gadgets such as smartwatches and sensors. The information obtained by these gadgets is collected and parsed by Big Data Analytics to be made available readily to medical organizations. Big Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence can introduce a significant change in the healthcare industry using IoT and gadgets. 
Blockchain Technology
Blockchain technology has become increasingly popular in the past few years because of its ability to offer a transparent database to store and record sensitive information. The amalgam of Big Health Data and Blockchain technology can create a powerful healthcare model which is globally accessible, secure, and transparent. Immunify.Life is an excellent example of how Blockchain technology and Big Data can transform the landscape of health data. 
Big Data Analytics plays a crucial role in the evolving healthcare industry. The technology has helped in the development of medical services and added to their effectiveness while establishing a sustainable and scalable medical ecosystem. 
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