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China integrates Blockchain Tech with agriculture to regain Consumer trust

China has been in the spotlight for producing fake products which have a worldwide distribution. Guiyang is promoting big data integration in rural revitalization, says Ma NIngyu  The edible fungus industry is now trying to gain the trust back by integrating blockchain technology.

China has always been in the limelight for its fake products which have been exported all over the world. And trust of the consumers in China-derived food is at rock bottom now.

The fake food industry is pretty off-putting whether we talk about fake eggs, fake wine, or fake honey. China has been famous for it. More than 10 years ago, the Sanlu Group scandal took place when the company was smashed after it sold fake baby milk. They combined the dangerous industrial chemical called melamine with the formula. It was put in it to artificially boost the protein levels. The money-making scheme resulted in sickening thousands of babies and also deaths. Little did they know that it will have such consequences that it will end up being an international food scandal. This incident resulted in the consumer’s inclination towards not trusting their food manufacturers.


How is Blockchain Tech being used?

Keeping this in mind, Guizhou, the agricultural province in China, witnessed huge investment by their government. Their basic idea is to revitalize the rural areas and provide opportunities for the country’s people. And to stop them from migrating to the cities which will eventually result in leaving no one to grow food there. Proving the legitimacy of the food is a challenge for them. 

The edible fungus has been eaten quite widely in China. The fungus demonstration zone in the Guizhou province can show us how blockchain technology can be used to track mushrooms and verify their origin. They even utilize blockchain technology by ensuring the safety and reliability of the information. This facilitates the producers to build trust quality and safety-wise

The integration of Blockchain technology with the Fungus industry is done by the Baiyun district in Guizhou province. The goal is to make the whole industrial chain integrated and trackable.

One of the major industries of Guizhou city is the edible fungus which ranked at $2.89 billion in the previous four years. Simultaneously the output of the edible fungus industry in Guizhou city has increased by 51% per year, along with the price increase. There might be a possibility that this growth took place due to the full-chain tracking of the fungus supply chain. The product is recorded at all steps from the farm to processing to the certification on a blockchain. 

The platform is called the Intelligent Fungus Cloud which uses cutting-edge technologies. It is used by the entire edible fungus industry. The number of data collection platforms is 31 on the platform along with around 15 companies, large farms, and cooperatives. Guizhou Jukong Technology is a business that is on the fungi Blockchain. 

Stand of the Officials on this:

The visitors can gain all the information from the Guizhou Mushroom Museum built by government officials. There is a hope that producers can now gain trust from the consumers.

According to the acting Mayor of Guiyang, Ma Ningyu, Big data has become a significant engine for the high-quality development of Guiyang. And that currently, they are promoting the integration of big data for the rejuvenation of rural areas. The Guiyang district is planning smart agriculture development. And is also willing to promote IoT, AI, and Blockchain technology in agriculture, and be ideal for the rest of the country. Ningyu also said that it’s vital for the planting, breeding, processing, and logistics. 

It is interesting that a country which has recently banned cryptocurrency is utilising Blockchain technology to regain the trust of its consumers. shares this Contents always with License.

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