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Street Fighter-style P2E Game Parrot’s Fight Club Launches NFT collection

Street Fighter-style P2E Game Parrot’s Fight Club Launches NFT collection
You may think of parrots as just another bunch of cute, goofy birds that do little more than eat, fly, poop, mate, hop around making funny noises, and occasionally imitate human speech. 

Also, they make good pets, you would probably be tempted to add. 

Well, those stereotypes certainly do not apply to the parrots in the Parrot’s Fight Club . The birds in there are rugged, badarse fighters who do not hesitate to throw a solid knockout punch or two at the expense of their opponents’ beaks.

For those out of the loop, I am referring to Parrot’s Fight Club , the upcoming play-to-earn NFT game promising exciting gameplay and attractive financial rewards . And by “attractive”, I mean hefty cash prizes worth up to $50,000 for winning big tournaments and up to $3,000 for winning weekly tournaments .

Considering the buzz surrounding the game, we are going to give you a quick early look into Parrot’s Fight Club and its future potential. Especially given that play-to-earn titles are now rapidly soaring in popularity. 

Let’s start with a basic overview of the game and its gameplay.

What is Parrot’s Fight Club?

Parrot’s Fight Club is a competitive fighting video game loosely modeled after the iconic titles in the genre such as Street Fighter. It is an NFT game that uses the play-to-earn model to financially incentivize players. 

The title is a collection of 5,555 unique NFTs that allow you access to the gameplay. You can have your parrot fight opponents in one-on-one battles or participate in tournaments.

Note that being a P2E game, Parrot’s Fight Club rewards winners of these battles and tournaments in crypto. The parrots you mint/own in the game are exclusively yours in accordance with intellectual property laws — so you can basically use them anyhow you may want including hodling on to them as long-term investments.

Parrot’s Fight Club: How to get started

Each of the 5,555 parrots in the in-game NFT collection is unique and comes with its own set of characteristics.

Parrot’s Fight Club made available all 5,555 parrots on presale for whitelisted investors on January 13, 2022. The gates of the presale opened for other investors a day after, i.e. on January 14. 

Each parrot is available for a basic price of 0.15 ETH during the presale and there is a maximum cap of three parrots per investor in this phase. The last chance to buy a parrot is a secondary sale on OpenSea, the peer-to-peer marketplace for NFTs. All the parrots will be officially revealed 24 hours after the public sale begins. 

Once you mint your parrot, you can access it immediately via your profile page on the game website or through the OpenSea website . Note that you have to connect your MetaMask wallet to the website to proceed no matter whichever of the two options you choose.

The gameplay

The gamelore of Parrot’s Fight Club goes like this:

All were hunky-dory between parrots and humans for ages as the two groups led a harmonious co-existence. But humans being humans, eventually jeopardized the lingering peace at some point as they started cutting down rainforests, the preferred habitat of parrots, among many other species.

War ensued.

The parrots stood up against the tyranny of humans and eventually defeated them after a long, bloody war. A quasi peace was thus established, although, humans didn’t seem too keen on mending ways even after the defeat.

Given this uneasy status quo, a decision was taken by the parrots’ secret government to create a tournament where the bravest parrots could fight and carve their names in the ages (while preparing for any eventual hostility).

And thus Parrot’s Fight Club was born. 

The Fight Club has only three rules: 

The existence of Parrot’s Fight Club must always remain a secret, lest humans learn what’s cooking behind the scenes in the ultra-secretive parrot civilization. All members of the club must treat fellow members with respect and dignity. “ The third rule of the Parrots’ Fight Club: There are no other rules in the fight club. Do whatever you want. Fight whomever you want to fight. We are here to have some fun. let’s celebrate and break someone’s beak, ” the rule back adds.

Game modes

For starters, the dev team promises to make the Parrot’s Fight Club an “actual game” as opposed to using the point-and-click farm gameplay that the vast majority of P2E titles out there have. Initially, three game modes will be available including 1v1 , team fight , and battle royale modes. The first two will be available in mid-Q1 2022, whereas battle royale is likely to be introduced at some point in late Q2 2022 or early Q3 2022.

A tournament mode in full animation will also be added after the NFT sales, although it won’t be playable. 

Skill is paramount in Parrot’s Fight Club

In the 1v1 gameplay, all parrots will have similar strengths regardless of mint cost. This means players’ skills will be the sole factor to determine the outcome of a battle .

Instead of going down the turn-based battle route, the 1v1 game mode will be live and both players will be able to control their parrots in real-time as they fight it out to one-up one another. This feature is likely to emerge as one of the strongest fortes that could help the game draw users from the broader gaming community as opposed to limiting its reach within the P2E space.

And yes, the team is planning on a beta release to give early adopters some hands-on experience before the official launch.

On a related note, the dev team has laid out a roadmap for the community to refer to. You can check it on the Roadmap section of the PARROTS’ FIGHT CLUB website . Additionally, the dev team has promised to host a conference/party following the NFT sales where they will share their future development plans, ideas, and vision in detail.

As for cash prizes, there will be $150,000 in total up for grabs for the players throughout 2022. That amounts to $3,000 each week . 

“Then, we’ll reinject 50% of secondary market royalties into our cash prize bag, with no limit,” the team promises .

So, as you can see, Parrot’s Fight Club is showing serious potential to emerge as one of the most exciting play-to-earn NFT games arriving in 2022. Of course, these are still early days and the developers will have to back their promises up with timely execution of the promised roadmap.

As always, BeInCrypto will be keeping a close eye on how the project progresses and matures over time. 

In the meantime, feel free to hop over to the Parrot’s Fight Club Discord community to gain a firsthand experience of what’s on offer. 

For news and regular updates, follow Parrot’s Fight Club on social media: Twitter | Instagram .
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