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5 leading web3 Entrepreneurs from Australia and New Zealand share their exponential success and advice

5 leading web3 Entrepreneurs from Australia and New Zealand share their exponential success and advice

These following entrepreneurs have not only scaled significant opportunities in the web2 market but have also transitioned and applied their genius in the web3 and crypto space.

Already in just a short few years and months, they have created incredible success and communities.

Five of the fastest upcoming names share their insights into web3 and crypto.

Photo credit – Daniel Tonkin

“I love Web3 the concept, the possibilities and the community.” Daniel Tonkin.

Daniel Tonkin is the co-founder of keyboard warriors Internet cafe (KWIC). KWIC are nostalgia-based CNFTs designed by the well-known artist JESWRI.

Before entrepreneurship, Daniel was a graffiti artist and was also actually fired from his job for falling asleep on the toilet. This was what kickstarted him into spending the next 15 years on his journey, resulting in building many thriving businesses in multiple industries.

Now, as a co-founder of the NFT project Keyboard Warriors Internet Cafe, Daniel can enjoy all things art, business and community.

Daniel encourages us not to get stuck but to just take small steps daily towards our visions.

Photo credit – Jordan Franze

“Web3.0 space is desperate for good, honest, innovative founders.” – Jordan Franze.

Jordan Franze is a 23-year-old Entrepreneur who, before transitioning to web3, scaled multiple businesses, in several niches, from early stage to $1M+ in revenue.

In a short space of his time already in Web3.0, his business produced more than $50 million in gross sales between his clients.

Jordan, also known as ‘Dollar’ , heavily focuses on marketing and sales. This shows in his clients’ results.

“Unlike in traditional business, customer communities are often built before a product is ready. This leads to a more successful product launch, with plenty of eyeballs when they go live. Also, a great opportunity to collect feedback and make connections using the community that’s built.” Says Jordan.

Photo credit – Kyl Jay

“Have a plan. Hope is not an efficient strategy.” Says Kyl Jay.

Kyl Jay is the founder of CryptoKings , a platform where people are given the resources, intel and mentoring to become profitable traders in the crypto market.

By trading in 2021, Kyl grew his portfolio from $20,000 to $10 million. He did this all while travelling around the world. Kyl Jay is recognized for his sought-after trading strategies and empowers people from around the world on how to safely navigate the world of cryptocurrency trading safely and smartly where they exit trades in profit rather than loss.

Kyl has become one of the most popular crypto trader influencers on Instagram with over 300k followers and one of the world’s largest crypto trading platforms.

Kyl is originally from New Zealand and now travels the globe living off his crypto trading.

Photo credit – Indigo Studios

“Like you, I see the opportunity through web3, the metaverse, DAOS and NFTs to create life-changing wealth for ourselves, family and community.” – Pat MacFie.

Pat MacFie is the founder of Manaaki and creator of the Friends & Fam web community.

He sees the opportunity in web3, the metaverse, DAOS and NFTs to create life-changing wealth for many individuals and families.

Pat is purpose-driven to enable everyday people to access to the right tools and support they need to achieve their financial freedom. Right now he is focused on educating his community members on Web3 space so that they can position themselves and their businesses moving forward into the new culture of technology.

“You can lose belief in everything else; just never lose belief in yourself.  The truth of business that no one really talks about is that it’s deeply, deeply personal and that the challenges you face in business are going to affect you personally. They’re going to f*ck with your mind, your identity. They may make you question everything you know, right down to your deeply held beliefs. It’s important that in the midst of all the chaos that surrounds you, you’re able to remain centred, don’t let anyone or anything mess with your self belief.  If you can continue to believe in yourself, despite the situation or circumstance you face, you’ll wake up everyday with a different kinda energy, a different kind of purpose… one that can carry you through any storm.” Pat shares.

Photo credit – Tyrone Williams

“Be present, stay grateful, know what your skills are & find people who you can create collaborative win-win scenarios with” Ty states, which is very fitting for what he has worked hard to put together.

Tyrone is the Co-founder of NFT Bali (a 31 day in-person event for web3 enthusiasts) and The Collective Solution . The Collective Solution is an invite only community where Ty has brought together a collective of people keen to collaborate with one another in their zone of genius.

Tyrone has a background in finance, coaching and excelled in his career in Sales/Marketing, which he built the foundations of by bringing his first product from 0 to $1.4m in revenue in 14 months.

In May 2022, Ty organised and ran a 31-day NFT Bali.

“It was so great to see something we planned for 6 weeks turn into a month-long event full of new relationships, business partnerships, investment opportunities and most of all – a whole lot of fun.” – Shares Tyrone. shares this Contents always with License.

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