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Big Eyes Coin and Axie Infinity – Which NFT-Based Cryptocurrency Has Greater Potential In The Market?

Big Eyes Coin and Axie Infinity – Which NFT-Based Cryptocurrency Has Greater Potential In The Market?

A brand-new NFT-based cryptocurrency called Big Eyes coin (BIG) will be released into the market, and if its pre-sale is any indication, it’s going to rock the crypto world.

Big Eyes coin isn’t going to be intimidated by the more conventional NFT-offering currencies like Decentraland (MANA), The Sandbox (SAND), or especially Axie Infinity.

NFTs or non-fungible tokens have brought a fun, financially lucrative, and addicting element to the crypto industry.

Whether you want concert tickets, artwork, real-world assets, sports clips, or collectible digital items, there are no limits to the type of NFTs that can be created and purchased.

Gaming NFTs are particularly popular, which is why Axie Infinity is still ranked in the top 50 and why people in underprivileged countries like the Philippines are relying on the game as a source of income.

But Big Eyes coin is here to stick up for the collectibles and prove that the ownership of rare digital assets may provide a better return on investment.

Axie Infinity Is The Crypto Version Of Pokemon

If you’re looking for something to reignite your youth and simultaneously help you earn money, Axie Infinity might be the perfect solution.

Most people remember playing Pokemon when they were younger, engaging in battles, watching their digital pets evolve, and capturing all kinds of weird and wonderful creatures.

However, most of us also remember that we played this game solely for entertainment and no financial reward.

Yet thanks to Axie Infinity, this is no longer the case.

Once you have bought a minimum of three Axies, you can battle other players and complete quests in a bid to harvest Smooth Love Options (SLP). These potions can be sold for a profit or used to sell and breed Axies for another form of revenue.

With enough time and effort, players can make small amounts of money daily. Nonetheless, a massive roadblock for many users will be the pricey setup costs of $900-1500 per Axie.

Big Eyes Coin Offers NFTs With A Twist

Unlike Axie Infinity, Big Eyes coin is unlikely to introduce an open-world game. But you only need to check out the Big Eyes website to get a taste of the quirky and colourful NFTs that the currency will release in the future.

The proposed NFT Sushi Crew is likely to be a cat lover’s dream where investors can indulge in various fascinating items and activities.

But Big Eyes coin cat-related NFTs are not what separates it from other cryptocurrencies on the market.

Buy Big Eyes Coin

Instead, the investment behind each NFT makes all the difference.

As a digital cat, Big Eyes cares about all the cats in the real world and wants them to have access to the tastiest fishy meals. This is why 5% of the coins’ total supply will be held in a charity wallet and donated to ocean-saving charities.

Make no mistake, though, the potential to help the environment with each NFT investment will attract new investors, which could cause the value of each NFT to increase and lead to a healthy return in the future.

Final Thoughts

Axie Infinity is an entertaining NFT game with great potential in the crypto market due to its unique play-to-earn system. However, its expensive start-up costs may discourage many adherents from staking their coins in the game.

However, given that many investors might choose to buy an NFT solely for the benefit of the environment, Big Eyes coin may have more potential.

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