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OVER Map2Earn: Revolutionary 3D Mapping is Now Available

OVER Map2Earn: Revolutionary 3D Mapping is Now Available
OVER has launched the Map2Earn Beta program : revolutionary 3D mapping is now available to everyone. It is an innovation that solves the geo-location problem in Augmented Reality (AR).
Over Map2Earn Is Now Live in Its Beta Version
OVER Map2Earn has launched its program for geo-location in Augmented Reality (AR) in its Beta version.
Specifically, it is geo-locating with 20 cm accuracy outdoors and indoors , compared to GPS, which offers above 6 meters outdoors, allowing immersive experiences in the metaverse to be increasingly perfect.
And indeed, the Map2Earn program of the decentralized infrastructure for the AR metaverse aims to achieve the ideal system for mapping and creating geo-localized experiences integrated into the real world .
In this sense, OVER will be able to offer placement of, for instance, digital artworks on a specific anchor point on a wall, overlaying AR experiences on existing buildings, as well as geo-localizing assets within a building by recognizing different floors.
Over Map2Earn Is Mapping a Metaverse Open to Everyone, All It Takes Is the Use of a Smartphone
OVER’s plan is to make its metaverse as open as possible, all it takes is for the user to use a smartphone to access it and to be able to participate in the mapping system with the Map2Earn program.
Indeed, the mapping users will be able to become owners of NFT by generating three main assets while they are capturing footage for each OVRLand, and these are:

a 3D point cloud of the location that will provide the creator with an accurate visual reference of the actual 3D structure of the location that they want to augment with the AR experience;
relocation algorithms with an accuracy of 20 cm that will locate the observer of the AR experience in space and provide him with a consistent experience, thanks to the computer vision algorithms and the point cloud;
a NERF, Neural Radiance Field, which is a digital twin of the mapped location, a simulation, a kind of neural hallucination.

Essentially, all these elements are represented by NFTs that will become the property of the user-mapper.
The Map2Earn aims to create up-to-date, community-owned, Web3-based 3D maps of the world’s most significant indoor and outdoor areas, places visited by humans with a smartphone instead of cars and satellites.
These OVRMaps are critically important to AR: they are the portal to the AR metaverse, and without them, there is no way to reliably and consistently augment the physical world.
The Gain of Map2Earn
In this Beta version, the current Map2Earn program will only allow map creation, neural renderings, and use for relocation.
For future releases of new Map2Earn versions, the maps created will be minable as NFTs , freely tradable on OVER’s marketplace and other decentralized marketplaces such as OpenSea.
Not only that, OVER will also initiate a direct incentive program for mapping activity , allowing open-to-buy orders to acquire maps of the world’s most important locations.
To participate in the OVER Map2Earn Beta, simply download the OVER The Reality app on Google Play or Apple App Store and follow the instructions under Map2Earn.
The Partnership with Decentraland
Last October, Over the Reality (OVER) partnered with Decentraland (MANA) for the Metaverse Music Festival 2022.
A meeting between the AR platform and the metaverse allowing designers to create and sell clothes and accessories for avatars to use in the virtual world.
On the OVR stage, celebrities such as Ozzy Osbourne, Dillos Francis, SNH48, and Spottie Wifi performed. In addition, DJ and producer Reguard also performed his famous “Ride it.”
Basically, users were able to enjoy a unique augmented reality experience through the use of the OVR App, while in the Decentraland Metaverse, the full experience could be enjoyed on video.

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