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New XRP Price Predictions, BTC Price Targets, SHIB Bull Run Preparation: Bits Recap Sep 18

New XRP Price Predictions, BTC Price Targets, SHIB Bull Run Preparation: Bits Recap Sep 18
The cryptocurrency market has recently shown some signs of revival. However, three of the most popular digital assets – Ripple (XRP), Bitcoin (BTC), and Shiba Inu (SHIB) – have not been among the best performers. 
In the following, we will take a closer look at whether they are poised for a possible price expansion, as well as the most recent predictions from experts or analysts.
XRP Ready for a Big Jump?
As CryptoPotato  reported over the weekend, the X user, going by the name  EGRAG CRYPTO, provided a chart indicating the XRP is no longer in a bearish mood.
“Since June, lows and XRP have been chugging along the tracks, and guess what? The train has officially left the station and is on its way to Valhalla,” they stated.
As such, the expert believes that if Ripple’s native token continues its uptrend, it could soar to “$2.8 and $5.5, maybe even stretching up to $6-7.” Nonetheless, they did not provide an exact time frame for reaching that goal. 
Another individual who  envisioned a bright future for XRP is the crypto analyst Shannon Thorp. She based her forecast on recent research, which reads that expected cross-border payments value could skyrocket to a whopping $250 trillion in the next four years. Keeping that in mind, Thorp believes XRP could blast to $500 by 2027.
It is safe to assume that it would be a huge surprise if this milestone were achieved, considering the previous and current figures in the digital asset industry. If Ripple’s price indeed shoots to $500, it would put its market capitalization above $260 trillion.
In comparison, the entire market cap of the sector was approximately $3 trillion in 2021, when most of the assets were charting all-time highs, with Bitcoin (BTC) hitting almost $70K.
The $500 mark might sound like a mirage, but XRP could head north soon based on the upcoming XRPL upgrade. David Schwartz – the CTO of Ripple –  expressed  his excitement about the development, arguing it could lead to a price expansion for the asset.

What Does the Future Hold for BTC?
The largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization and the most recognizable across the realm – BTC – has also gathered much of the attention. Numerous experts have opined over the past several months that the prolonged bear market that has pushed its price south is near its end, predicting a new bull run for the asset. 
The social media commentator, who goes by the X handle BitQuant,   believes  the 2024 halving will play a vital role in BTC’s price increase, leading it to a new ATH of approximately $250,000 next year. 
For his part, Glassnode’s co-founder envisioned that the asset would most likely reach $30,000 in the short term, considering the latest US CPI report .
SHIB Poised for a Rally
According to the content strategist of the Shiba Inu ecosystem – LUCIE – the self-proclaimed Dogecoin killer has “strategically positioned itself for the upcoming bull run.” They  urged  investors to stay “focused” and refrain from FUD, which is “just a bunch of desperate losers attempting to peddle their questionable coins from their mom’s basements.”
“Smart money holds or buys – don’t let inexperience lead you to sell low and jump into new hype coins, only to keep losing,” LUCIE concluded.
SHIB investors have some solid reasons to believe that the token might head north in the future. One example is the skyrocketing burn rate of the asset, which  increased  by 350% over the weekend. 
Reducing the circulating supply is usually considered bullish since it makes the coin more scarce and valuable. 
Another factor that could be of help is the layer-2 scaling solution Shibarium, which  went live  at the end of August. It aims to elevate the memecoin above its rivals by reducing fees and improving transaction speed. If you want to find more information about Shibarium, please have a look at our dedicated video.

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