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Top 6 Altcoins That Will Benefit From Ethereum’s Dencun Upgrade: Crypto Analyst

As the Ethereum ecosystem braces for the much-anticipated Dencun upgrade, renowned crypto analyst Miles Deutscher provides an in-depth look at the altcoins poised for significant growth. Scheduled for March 13, the Dencun upgrade is a critical hard fork aimed at enhancing Ethereum’s scalability, security, and usability. Deutscher’s insights reveal how specific Layer 2 (L2) solutions are uniquely positioned to benefit from the upgrade’s introduction of Proto-Danksharding and other key enhancements. Deutscher explains, “The Dencun upgrade, especially with EIP-4844, represents a paradigm shift in how Ethereum will handle transactions. By drastically lowering gas fees and increasing throughput, we’re looking at a more accessible, efficient blockchain.” This upgrade is part of Ethereum’s broader roadmap, known as “The Surge,” focusing on scalability improvements. Top-6 Altcoins To Watch Prior To Dencun #1 Polygon (MATIC/POL): With its impending rebrand and investment in zk-technology, Polygon is at a pivotal juncture. Deutscher notes, “Polygon’s deep dive into zk-rollups could redefine its position in the L2 landscape, making MATIC an attractive asset for forward-looking investors.” Related Reading: Ethereum Whale Buys $187 Million ETH In 3-Day Spree, Anticipating Further Surge? #2 Arbitrum (ARB): As the leading L2 by TVL and transaction volume, Arbitrum’s robustness is undisputed. “Arbitrum has cemented its position as a powerhouse in the L2 space, and the Dencun upgrade will only amplify its strengths,” Deutscher remarks. #3 Optimism (OP): Positioned as a strong contender in the L2 space, Optimism’s ecosystem is set to expand. “The announcement of Optimism’s fourth airdrop is not just a reward for its community but a strategic move to bolster its ecosystem’s vibrancy,” says Deutscher. #4 COTI Network (COTI): With the launch of V2 and its innovative ‘Garbled Circuits,’ COTI introduces a groundbreaking privacy solution. Deutscher observes, “COTI’s approach to privacy on the blockchain through ‘Garbled Circuits’ is a game-changer, potentially setting a new standard for private transactions.” Related Reading: Ethereum Price Tops $3,000, But ‘Is Completely Detached From Reality’: Expert #5 Mantle (MNT): Highlighting Mantle’s rapid growth, Deutscher points out, “With $1.5 billion in ETH now staked as mETH, Mantle is not just growing; it’s thriving, supported by strategic airdrops that reward its community.” #6 Metis (METIS): Identified as a potentially undervalued project, Metis’s upcoming initiatives are a beacon for investors. “Metis’s decentralized sequencer and the substantial METIS Ecosystem Fund are laying the groundwork for a robust, decentralized future, making it an intriguing prospect post-Dencun,” Deutscher explains. Broader Implications For Ethereum Deutscher also casts a spotlight on Manta Network, Starknet, zkSync, and Linea as projects to watch, emphasizing the widespread impact of the Dencun upgrade. He advises, “The ETH/L2 trade is increasingly compelling as we approach the Dencun upgrade. Shifting a significant portion of one’s portfolio into the Ethereum ecosystem seems prudent, given the transformative potential of the upcoming changes.” At press time, ETH still traded just below the $3,000 mark. Featured image from Shutterstock chart from shares this Contents always with License.

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