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Metaplanet Ditches Yen for Bitcoin Amid Japan’s Financial Crisis

The post Metaplanet Ditches Yen for Bitcoin Amid Japan’s Financial Crisis appeared first on Coinpedia Fintech News

In Tokyo, Metaplanet, a Web3 infrastructure provider listed within the Tokyo Stock Exchange, started hoarding Bitcoins. This initiative agrees with the trend of all organizations resorting to Bitcoin to keep their businesses afloat in turbulent times, with the increasing number of issues related to Japan’s huge debt load and frequent fluctuations in yen values.

Metaplanet’s Strategic Shift to Bitcoin

To signal its strong commitment to Bitcoin in its treasury management strategy, Metaplanet recently acquired 117.7 BTC, which is about $7.19 million. This decision echoes those by MicroStrategy, a U.S.-listed company that has gained notoriety recently for its aggressive buying of bitcoins. It points towards a more general corporate movement in using cryptocurrencies as security from economic fluctuations.

The decision was influenced by the difficult economic situation of Japan, which IMF defines as having the largest global burden of debt compared to gross domestic product (GDP). However, this is worsened by the Bank of Japan’s unwillingness to raise the rates like major economies; hence, rates end up being close to zero when other countries increase them due to inflation. Consequently, the yen has dropped up to 5% in addition to other consequences.

Bitcoin as a Non-Sovereign Store of Value

According to a recent press release, Metaplanet’s acceptance of Bitcoin signals optimism about its ability to act as a store of value independent of single government authorities. Meaplanet’s recent press release states, 

“As the yen continues to weaken, Bitcoin offers a non-sovereign store of value that has, and may continue, to appreciate against traditional fiat currencies.” The company also criticized the BOJ’s current fiscal strategies, labelling them as part of an “unsustainable monetary paradox.”

Future Plans and Market Impact

Metaplanet intends to hold Bitcoin for an extended period to reduce tax liabilities and take any chance that might come of them to accrue more Bitcoins while leveraging their issuance using long-term yen-denominated debts. This serves as an instrument of financial protection and makes Metaplanet the trailblazer among Japanese enterprises that incorporate cryptocurrencies into their classical financial cultures.

Metaplanet can potentially gain a lot through its active shift towards investing in cryptocurrency since Bitcoin is currently being exchanged at 62,757.83 dollars per one Bitcoin, thus indicating a very slow but sure rise. Moreover, with another 1.25 million US dollars (200 million yen) recently spent on bitcoins by the firm, it now means that this kind of money is also part of their financial planning.


Metaplanet’s intelligent shift from traditional currency to bitcoins solves Japan’s economic woes and the fluctuating yen. In addition to guarding against business uncertainties, the adoption of digital cash enables the company to be the first one in Japan to use this system, putting it in a competent position.

If followed, such a course of action will indicate a new direction for other firms facing comparable financial crises, thus encouraging wider adoption among them. shares this Contents always with License.

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