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Why SEC Is Unlikely To Probe Roaring Kitty As He Exploits Loophole

Keith Gill, better known by his online moniker “Roaring Kitty,” is back in the spotlight for his trading activities involving GameStop Corp. (GME) . However, Gill is reportedly leveraging a loophole in market regulations, causing concern among market experts. Moreover, legal experts believe that the SEC can’t target Roaring Kitty due to the ‘gap in rules’.
Legal Experts On SEC Vs Roaring Kitty
Daniel Hawke, a partner at Arnold & Porter Kaye Scholer and former head of the SEC’s market abuse unit, commented on the matter. He said, “What he’s doing is exploiting a gap in the rules.” This statement underscores the intricacies of Roaring Kitty’s actions, which, while controversial, appear to exploit regulatory grey areas rather than outright breaking the law.
Gill’s influence over retail investors is substantial. He uses his online presence and celebrity status to draw attention to GameStop, encouraging a surge in trading activity. Yet, as Hawke noted, “The rules that exist do not permit the SEC to prosecute that conduct unless there is an element of deception.”
Unlike traditional pump-and-dump schemes, Gill does not explicitly endorse investing in GameStop or make unfounded claims about its financial health. Instead, his posts are often cryptic memes or updates on his trading position. This complicates the SEC’s ability to pursue a case against him.
Moreover, the ambiguity surrounding Roaring Kitty’s actions leaves a significant grey area in market regulation. Furthermore, some market observers accused Gill of market manipulation. On the contrary, others argue that his conduct is not significantly different from that of Wall Street fund managers who publicly discuss their holdings.
Steve Sosnick of Interactive Brokers remarked that Gill’s actions resemble those of an activist investor. This brings into question the fine line between market manipulation and advocacy. Whilst, American Economic Liberties Project’s Matt Stoller took a firmer stance. He stated, “This is obviously market manipulation.”
The flurry of opinions highlights the controversy and complexity of Gill’s situation. Now, the challenge for the SEC is to determine whether Roaring Kitty’s influence and trading activity amount to deception, a key element required for any potential prosecution.
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Controversy Escalates As Options Data Gets Disclosed
Meanwhile, Roaring Kitty’s trading position in GameStop remains substantial. According to a post on his Reddit account, he holds $557 million in shares and options contracts. However, questions about his trading activities persist, such as whether he is backed by other investors and how he financed his GameStop purchases.
The scale of Roaring Kitty’s position and the scrutiny it attracts add another layer of complexity to his trading strategy and its potential ramifications. The controversy intensified after renowned investor Ross Gerber cautioned Gill about his short-term position in GameStop.
Moreover, Gerber highlighted the risks Gill faces, particularly with his $115.7 million stake in GameStop, including $65.7 million in call options expiring on June 21. In a post on X (formerly Twitter), Gerber stated, “Kitty better be careful exposing such a short-term position with so many enemies. Where would he get all the money… he’s got to sell the options soon.”
Furthermore, SEC Chair Gary Gensler addressed questions about Gill’s activities. He also emphasized that while disclosure is crucial, it “doesn’t necessarily protect a bad actor.” This stance reflects the broader regulatory concern about the need for transparency without providing a shield for potentially harmful market behaviors.
Experts have also pointed out the challenges Roaring Kitty might face in cashing out his GameStop options. The number of open contracts in GameStop surged to 145,000 by the end of May, a significant increase from the 15,000 recorded earlier in the month. Hence, the size of Gill’s position and the heightened attention on GameStop could complicate selling the options or taking delivery of the underlying shares, potentially reducing their value.
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