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Could Meta Masters Guild Games (MEMAGX) be the Next Bull Cycle’s Hidden Gem in Blockchain Gaming

Could Meta Masters Guild Games (MEMAGX) be the Next Bull Cycle’s Hidden Gem in Blockchain Gaming
Blockchain gaming has been on the steady rise for a while now, but compared to the conventional gaming industry, one can say blockchain gaming is not even in the game.
However, that’s not very surprising.
A lot of blockchain games are not exactly competitive. Most are just unexciting pixelated developments with little to offer besides their play-to-earn model. MEMAGX is not one of those.
MEMAGX is an advanced Web3 gaming platform that is changing our thinking about blockchain gaming. This platform is a unique innovation that spans not just immersive gaming experiences but also includes the incorporation of non-fungible tokens for a gaming experience that’s as satisfying as it is rewarding.
MEMAGX really puts the “game” in “gaming” with compelling, immersive solutions. They also put “pay” in “play-and-earn” with their offers for real rewards, staking opportunities, and token trading.

A Closer Look at MEMAGX
With its new advanced Web3 gaming platform, MEMAGX attempts to become the new standard for blockchain games. But it’s not just about the play, as MEMAGX is also about the pay! And right now, all eyes are turned to the sector in anticipation of a new bull market and potentially higher prices.
If that happens, we could look at Gala Games as example performance.

The Gala Games went up 63% during the last bull cycle, with an ATH of 0.8248 earlier in November 2021. But for many crypto influencers and key opinion leaders (KOLs), Gala’s success in that bull cycle is nothing compared to what’s coming in the 2024/25 bull market.
They believe many Web3 play-to-earn games will reach record-breaking ATHs, and MEMAGX’s new launch, Meta Kart Racers , lines up and attempts to be amongst them.
What Are The Best Features Of Meta Kart Racers?
One of MEMAGX’s most interesting launches is Meta Kart Racers, a futuristic kart racing game with stunning graphics and highly responsive controls where users can explore the future of kart racing. It’s packed with adrenaline, excitement, and rewards. Some of its features are:

Multiple racer characters to choose from.
Multiple Kart upgrades.
Multiple futuristic track choices.
Multiplayer mode.
Practice mode.
Tournament mode.
Play for rewards.

2024 Roadmap
MEMAGX’s roadmap is marked by many ambitious milestones designed to improve the user experience on the platform.


Improve enhancements on Meta Kart Racers.
Roll out the final version of Meta Kart Racers for Community Testing.
Collect feedback and make more adjustments.


App Store submission on May 13, 2024.
Organize tournaments to attract players.
Partnerships with crypto and gaming influencers.
Paid social media ads for MEMAGX & Meta Kart.


Introduce a Game Season model with a reward tier system.
Launch seasonal rewards, new skins, characters and racetracks.
Launch additional game features.


Launch system for kart upgrades and adding mods.
Launch new customization options.
Partner with more brands and companies.

Features of MEMAGX
Innovative Play&Earn Model:
MEMAGX upped the play and earn game with its unique offerings. Players can earn rewards by participating in activities like

Tournament competitions.
Collecting valuable in-game resources.
Upgrade cycles.

Versatile Token Utility:
Unlike in many other blockchain games, players own any in-game assets they win in the MEMAGX ecosystem. This includes every item acquired, every level up, and every achievement. It’s all yours on the MEMAGX platform.
MEMAGX’s token is as versatile as it gets. It supports many functions, such as token buybacks, staking opportunities, and even conversions between MEMAGX and other popular cryptocurrencies like Ethereum (ETH) and Tether (USDT). Who doesn’t like free ETH?
Token Buyback Initiative
MEMAGX has a dedicated portion of its gaming revenues set aside to buy back its MEMAGX tokens from the market to help increase the token’s value. This is designed to serve as a big incentive for token holders to hold on to their coins and for non-token holders to play and earn more tokens.
Staking Opportunities
MEMAGX allows its token holders to stake their tokens and receive up to 12.5% APR for doing so, and it also helps improve MEMAGX’s security and stability.
Token Utility and Metrics
The MEMAGX token is designed to serve multiple purposes within its ecosystem. It can be used to do many things, from purchasing in-game NFTs to earning staking rewards and tournament prizes.
Where to get MEMAGX tokens?

Users can get MEMAGX token on
Users can get MEMAGX token on Uniswap
Users can get MEMAGX tokens on

Key Token Metrics:
MEMAGX Circulating Supply: 558,706,829
Total Supply of MEMAGX: 850,000,000
MEMAGX Locked in Vesting: 198,973,754
Tokens Currently Staked MEMAGX: 133,949,595.91
MEMAGX is designed with user experience and user reward in mind. MEMAGX’s user-centric model is the change the Blockchain gaming industry has been waiting for.
To join the MEMAGX community, you can:

Follow MEMAGX on X
Download the Meta Kart Racers beta version for Android or Apple
Connect with the MEMAGX community on X/Twitter and Telegram
Be part of the future of gaming with MEMAGX .

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