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Ripple Lawsuit Verdict Is Possible This Week, Says Lawyer

The community is still waiting for a decision from the court on the matter of remedies and penalties in the Ripple vs. SEC case. It was concluded 61 days ago when the final submissions were made in the case. There is a lot of anticipation, especially given that pro-XRP lawyer Fred Rispoli suggested a decision could be made this week.

Rispoli Predicts Ripple Verdict by Friday

A pro-XRP attorney, Fred Rispoli, claimed that the earliest judgment could be the following Friday. He links this to the first anniversary of the 2023 summary judgment. Rispoli’s forecast, nevertheless, is more precise and points to the end of July for the final decision.

Bill Morgan , another lawyer supporting XRP, also criticized Judge Sarah Netburn’s pending motion. Morgan said that this motion has to be addressed when Judge Analisa Torres rules on the matter. As for Rispoli, he stated that both judges could confer and go on with the process without it being a roadblock.

Yes, that motion is still outstanding but there is no procedural requirement that it must be ruled on first. Both judges could confer and Torres could tell Netburn her ruling moots any need to rule on the expert/discovery issue. — Fred Rispoli (@freddyriz) July 9, 2024

Legal Hurdles Persist in the Ripple v. SEC Case

Ripple moved to strike new expert materials from the SEC on April 29. These materials comprise new expert witness Andrea Fox’s declarations and exhibits. That could be important as Judge Netburn will make a decision concerning this motion.

Bill Morgan asked if this motion required a ruling before Judge Torres could address the penalties. Rispoli noted that there is no procedural provision that mandates how the issue has to be resolved first. He also stated that Judge Torres could dispose of any ruling on the expert/discovery issue.

Morgan accepted Rispoli’s clarification and added that the ruling could proceed without further delay. It is evidence that legality is still present, even in this case. The XRP community is still optimistic about a quick outcome in the case.

XRP Gains Momentum After Crucial Court Victory

The legal discourse corresponds to Rispoli’s latest estimates. He recommended July 31 as a possible ruling date. However, the verdict may come as early as July 13.

This is due to the 2023 summary judgment given by Judge Torres, which also happened to be an anniversary. That was a significant win for Ripple, as the court stated that it is not considered a security. The XRP community sees this as a turning point in the legal process of the case.

However, Morgan’s mentioning of the outstanding motion complicates the matter. Should Judge Netburn side with Ripple in the case, it will make Judge Torres’s decision somewhat easier. According to Rispoli, this is not a procedural bottleneck to the final ruling. Hence, there is no cause for concern.

XRP Community on Edge for Imminent Ruling

As a result, the XRP community is still tense and watching the events unfold. Theories abound, and members are tagging well-known XRP supporting attorneys such as Jeremy Hogan, Bill Morgan, John E. Deaton, James “MetaLawMan” Murphy, and Fred Rispoli.

Rispoli’s forecast has created a buzz as he said a ruling may be made this week. He gives the community a ray of hope that comes with the knowledge of the legal procedures. At the same time, Morgan’s input on procedural details ensures that the community is aware of possible delays.

The decision on the measures and consequences that will be applied has been awaited for some time now. This decision will have a huge bearing on the future fate of Ripple and the entire cryptocurrency space. The fate of the legal conflict continues to be of primary interest to all parties in the case.

According to the XRP community, the Ripple vs. SEC case is expected to be decided this week. Fred Rispoli said the verdict might be out by Friday, although it could be by the end of July at the latest. Even with a good motion, other procedural constraints may delay the final ruling, which has to be completed within the set time.
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