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EscrowCoin: Escrow Currency for Crypto World

EscrowCoin: Escrow Currency for Crypto World

Let's talk about Escrow.

A financial system used today by thousands of people for the most different reasons.
Much used for buying and selling digital goods and domain names, escrow is the third party in an agreement between individuals, which precludes security and transparency.
Normally this type of transaction is carried out by financial institutions, banks and other more or less reliable third parties.
These "institutions" normally have high commissions and standards that can not always be shared by the parties involved.
The problems are managed internally, with times and prices that vary greatly depending on the operator.


EscrowCoin strongly imposes itself as a current and future reference point, on transactions carried out with cryptocurrencies; which is in fact an absolute novelty. Currently, Users can start to use EscrowCoin in no time; wallets are available for all OS and source code available on Github.

From the current 5 crypto currencies, the EscrowCoin project will expand to 50 different currencies, and will allow their use in ways and ways not possible until now.
EscrowCoin Uses Blockchain and Dash technology; users can use the service simply and safely; there will be no fees when transactions are done using EscrowCoin. Only in case of other cryptocurrencies, nominial fees will be applied for Escorw service.  

The Mission is to create a trustable Escrow Service simple and easy, suitable for everyday use, if there is any conflict between buyers and sellers, can be solved in a descentralized way approved by anonymous consultants or verifiers.

EscrowCoin using masternodes makes it possible for everyone, not only to be part of the decentralized network, to earn commissions from transacting and mining, but to become an integral part of the system.
Users needs to be setup only for both Staking and Masternode. A masternode is a network server which performs service functions on the blockchain like InstantSend and PrivateSend (coin mixing) and increases the network’s stability. In return for these services, masternodes receive a portion of each mined EscrowCoin block reward, currently 50%, as well as transaction fees on a periodic basis. Masternode in Escrow system will also work as an arbitrator in case of any conflict buyer and seller in decenetralized and anonymous way and get fee share for the same.  
This means that you do not need to worry about the staking of rewards, as the wallet does both Masternode services and rewards for coin staking too.


Let's talk a bit about the technical specifications of EscrowCoin:

Coin Name: Escrow Coin
Ticker / Symbol: ESCO
Coin Type: 0.83% premine only for development and marketing.
From 201 - 100201 block POW and POS and after that POS only which is very
good for the Masternode and Stakers.
POW reward - .5 coin per block.
Masternode/Staking reward: 12 ESCO per block. 50% / 50%  between masternode and stakers, decreasing by 5% every year
PoS Hashing algorithm: Scrypt
Coin inspiration: DASH
Difficulty retargeting: Every block
Max supply: 60,000,000 ESCO
Block Reward: 12 ESCO
Block Time: 90 seconds
Stake Age: 24 Hours
Block Size: 3 MB

Follow all the updates or look for more information on the official website or through social accounts.


EscrowCoin WhitePaper


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