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Are You Ready to Join Our Quest and Find Sunken Treasure?

April 11, 2018, Are you looking for an ICO that offers adventure? Then this quest may be for you. Our business is treasure recovery through partnerships with our experts on proven shipwreck sites. Galleon Quest enables external investors to purchase a part of historic shipwreck projects through a unique ICO.

Cameron Cox, CEO of Galleon Quest, said:
Galleon Quest is perhaps the most exciting ICO of all times. It harkens back to childhood dreams of finding huge stashes of abandoned booty and generates an investment opportunity where X marks the spot.
Share in the thrill of searching and recovering sunken treasure from shipwrecks. These shipwrecks will be, in our determination, the absolute best projects to fund. Selection of projects will be based on both historical research and scientific underwater surveys that have already physically located shipwrecks from which our experts believe valuable recoveries can be made. We expect to recover coins, bullion, precious gems and other antiquities, ranging from intact bottles of wine to cannons.
We are a treasure recovery company without the issues that come with being a treasure recovery company. Our quest offers more potential for return, while cutting down on the associated risks. We are the last money in, after all the hard work has been done, to realize the moment of discovery and to be part of the process where the riches are finally pulled from the ocean floor.
We have selected four shipwrecks that we are interested in searching for sunken treasure and can’t wait for the thrill of discovery. These shipwrecks are entirely inside of the United States territorial waters, which makes operations cheaper. The shipwrecks have already been discovered and their ownership is awarded to the discoverer, Dr. E. Lee Spence, who is one of the experts on our team.
Don’t miss this opportunity to share in the recovered treasure. Join our Pre-Sale 1 that begins April 15 and ends on April 30 for 1 SEA token purchased for 0.20 with 60% added bonus. We will have 800 million SEA tokens available for purchase with more pre-sales to follow. We plan to use 20 percent of the recovered assets to buy back SEA tokens from the marketplace creating many liquidity events. We believe this will lower the volatility of market prices for the tokens and increase demand by limiting the supply being sold.
The number of shipwrecks that lay on the ocean floor is in the hundreds of thousands of vessels. All of it laying on the bottom of the ocean, waiting to be found, enjoyed, and treasured again. We seek only adventurous souls for this journey, those that know life is about risks, and still they plod. Where this is no risk, there is no reward.
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Images courtesy of Galleon Quest
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