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In the 21 st century, data is the most valuable resource, and the person with the most data is the richest. Just look at Mark Zuckerberg for instance, his product is seemingly free for users because he collects data from the users and makes money in the process by selling this data to the advertising industry to target users with personalized ads.
Gone are the days when oil and other natural resources were the most valuable resource, the most valuable resource is now data. Data helps create a more effective and informed society, and though its use may not always be positive, it has many benefits, which our society is currently enjoying. On the downside, collecting large amounts of data can risk the privacy of the general public, and gives unbounded power to those who control the data.
Creating new methods to collect, order, analyze, and then distribute data is a necessity for modern times, and almost every modern organization is working towards improving the data market. Companies use this data for analysis and machine learning to create mathematical models that help them in making effective decisions.
However, the industry is still in its nascent stages, and there isn’t a single data supplier that has a collection of all the data needed by businesses.
This is why businesses have to deal with multiple vendors, each with their own costs, formats, and limitations. This can greatly reduce the quality of the data collection process, and slow down the businesses that need to collect data.
Regardless of its nascent nature, the big data industry is not small in any way. The industry generated $122 billion in 2015 and has been growing ever since. The following graph represents the growth in the data industry. It is expected that the big data market will hit $210 billion by 2020. This means that the industry will have almost doubled its size in 5 years.

Businesses need data for all sorts of reasons, industries such as car manufacturing, education, advertising, health, and various others use big data to make predictions about their market. The health industry may use data to evaluate how diseases are affecting the general population, and how the industry may shape itself in the coming years.
The uses of data are infinite, and almost every business can make itself more effective by using relevant data to enhance and personalize their operations. However, the most pressing concerns of businesses while using data is privacy and a lack of transparency in the industry.
This is where comes in. The company wants to introduce a more ordered and more transparent approach to the big data industry by creating a universal platform that every business or person can use to find data relevant to their needs, and use it more effectively.
The Platform
The platform being prepared by is going to eliminate the extensive middlemen in the process of data distribution. The platform will streamline the process of data sourcing and delivery. Since there is a lack of a platform where users can search data sets, and find relevant data, the platform being created by the company will have a unified user interface that users can use to search and find relevant data easily.
The above mockup of the application represents the extensive search options through which users can search datasets by inserting parameters such as geographical locations, demographics, psychographic, and behavioral attributes. Users will be able to search through billions of records with the help of these search queries.
The platform will have a smart indexing engine that will help users by providing predictive analytics to provide the most relevant and up-to-date data to the users. The engine will also connect different datasets to provide data for all relevant attributes. The users will receive a dataset that can be downloaded, and then easily used. aims to remove the layers of inefficiency and provide an open and transparent audit into the data use and payment. This will not only maximize the profits for the data owners but also for the data purchaser.
To deal with payments, will use Ethereum smart contracts to keep a record of all the sources that are used to provide the data and to disperse payments. The payments will be instant, and there will be no authorization delay, manual invoices, or bank transfers.
Therefore, since the whole platform is based on a blockchain, users and data owners can be assured that the payments will be completely transparent and instant. The payments will be immediate and immutable, with full traceability of record usage to the data source partners.
The following are the main use cases for

Data for digital marketing
Data for analytical marketing
Data for direct marketing
Data for customer acquisition
Data for risk management
Many more… has already collected more than one billion records on over 300 million consumers and sixteen billion businesses. The platform’s in-depth business and customer profiles contain hundreds of valuable demographics, psychographic, and firmographic attributes that will be used by the Smart Indexing Engine for providing precise data to the users.
Wallet and Token Mechanism
The process of creating a crypto wallet is usually lengthy and quite complex. The DBC wallet changes that by allowing users to simply install a browser extension that acts as their wallet, and stores their DBC Coins, and uses them to carry out transactions on the network.
The wallet creates a secure local Ethereum wallet that is stored on the user’s computer and allows users to purchase Ether through trusted exchanges. The Ether in the wallet can then be easily exchanged with DBC Coin with just one click.
The DBC Coin is a standard ERC – 20 token that is implemented on the Ethereum blockchain. uses smart contracts for transactions, auditing, and payments. The tokens will be used on the network for carrying out various transactions such as, buying and selling data, and will serve as the basis for their rewards program.  DBC Coin will be used by the users to make purchases, and data providers will also be paid using the token.
The Roadmap
The following is’s roadmap:  

Source: Whitepaper
The Team
The following are some of the main team members of the project:
Scott Hirsh : CEO
Scott is a serial entrepreneur and an internationally recognized expert in digital data marketing.
Jesse Brown : CTO
Jesse is an accomplished Blockchain Architect with exceptional decentralization, cryptocurrency, and distributed ledger technology (DLT) expertise complemented by hands-on Token Generating Event (TGE) experience.
Sunny Rajpal : CIO
Sunny is Chief Information Officer for Media Direct, a role he has occupied since 2009. He is responsible for the strategic use of Information Technology (IT) resources for DigDev Direct.
The following are some of the main advisors to the project:
Dr. Jeff Wilkins , Ph.D.: Advisor
Jeff Wilkins has founded and sold seven tech start-ups in the enterprise software, e-commerce, and Internet advertising industries.
Nathan Christian : Advisor
Nathan is an engineer and blockchain evangelist, he leads a part of a dynamic team, that builds applications on Ethereum and Bitcoin Blockchains, writing Smart Contracts and launching ERC20 tokens.
Tyler Sanford : Advisor
Tyler has over 7 years of experience working with successful Tech-Startups in marketing and sales roles, allowing him to use those experiences and apply them to blockchain technology and ICOs.
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