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Comments Netiquette

Netiquette and Comments moderation


We felt it necessary to write a regulation to clarify what we expect from you commentators.
These rules are important, they will allow Users to participate without the risk of seeing moderate the comments or banning the nick.

The comments on are a tool to give Users the opportunity to express their opinions and ideas, in relation to the articles presented.
Each comment must therefore be useful for the other users and have an inherent content of the article in question and its themes.

1) Do not write too short or long comments, they are deleted.
Such as comments such as "fake" without further information and explanations as "ugly", "scam", "sucks".
Or comments and reviews too long, in-depth, technical or information too vast.
Most users want complete but synthetic information to decide.

2) The comments are not a chat, so do not start personal conversations.

3) Do not write comments with non-related topic; Off-thread comments are deleted.
For example, comments are deleted from personal and subjective content, political or philosophical

4) Write comments readable and in English.
Comments are deleted from the unclear content.

5) Do not write in CAPS.
It is not readable and on the web is equivalent to screaming.
Comments written entirely in uppercase are deleted immediately.

6) Do not publish a single comment more than once to be sure it is approved.
This behavior can be assimilated to a spam activity and therefore you risk being permanently banned.

7) Do not write comments that refer to illegal topics, from vulgar content, disrespectful to others, biased, violent, provocative, who violate the privacy of others. You will be banned immediately.

8) Spam is strictly prohibited both direct and indirect (spam = sending links for advertising purposes).
Also avatars and nicknames of racist content, xenophobic, incitant to violence, of real or presumed violent content, inciting to Nazi-fascist ideology and political propaganda are forbidden.

We also remind you that, as in every large community, there is a small percentage of a social users who behave like trolls and seek attentions with the sole purpose of sowing weeds: the first rule is not to pay attention to them. We also ask you to report any questionable episode to the moderator, taking care not to abuse the reports.

The tone of a serene conversation is calm, open to the different positions of each one.
Sarcastic and allusive comments are always the beginning of the end for a thread.
This is why they are not welcome.

Discussions on moderation: any provision always becomes a reason for public scenes and victimization.
For this reason the grievances against the moderator's measures are banned.
Write us your justifications, but remember that moderation is basically unquestionable.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

Contacting Us
If there are any questions regarding this policy you may contact us using the information below.
support (at)

Last Edited on 2018-04-14 - No Ads Project


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